Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A long time since ....

... I posted an update!!!

Hello and Good Morning to you all ...

I haven't really managed to get much stitching done the last few weeks as I have been organising the new house plus finishing off one of my Open University courses so it has all been go go go here but things have settled and all fallen into place so the stress has all gone and now back to the fun ....

I have done quite a bit on my Grandchilds birth Sampler .... oooo the time is getting closer and more exciting!  Cara was singing to Laura's bump yesterday and it was so cute lol

Birth Sampler
as at 11 march 2014

I spent the weekend working on Summer Fairy as I really wish to get this finished soon.  I seemed to have got a big chunk of her skirt done :) I am delighted with my little self lol

Summer Fairy
by Joan Elliott
as at 11 March 2014

My TUSAL for 2014 is a little empty at the moment but once I have my next OU essay done for the 2nd course I am doing them I will have many months to stitch my heart out before another 2 courses start :)  I cant wait ...

Both pieces are in my Turtle Trot ... Turtle Trot Blog

In the background of my TUSAL photo is the lovely view we have from our living room window!!
Fantastic :)

TUSAL 11 March 2014

Last Friday James went to his formal for the School .... his last few months of being a 'school boy'!!  I cannot believe that in a few weeks he will be 18 years old!!  Time has flown over

Handsome man
going to is formal
Well I had better get a few bit and pieces done whilst the house is all calm and quiet as all the children are in school ... I've had at least one at a time off the last week or so with coughs, colds and high temperatures!

Have a wonderful day all!!

Love me


  1. Wow!! You've really flown with BS and SF, oh the joys of having no internet and lots of time :D. James looks all grown up now, it's astonishing how much older he looks with his new hair do :D xxx

  2. The sampler is so cute!!! Lovely progress :)

  3. lovely post here :)
    it seems you're a very busy bee
    your stitchings are beautiful, this fairy is really amazing

  4. Your WIPs are looking great!

  5. I think you finding this house was such a good thing for you all. I am so pleased you have settled and wow, stitching too! My baby is going to be 19 this week..they grow up far to quickly. You son looks very smart: quite the young man!

  6. It is so good to hear that you are back online and all settled in the new house! Great stitching :)
    James does look very handsome all done up for his big night out!
    Hugs x

  7. Your birth sampler is looking so sweet