Thursday, 27 March 2014

Just hanging around

Hello there all!

Hope everyone is fit and well!  I have my mum and dad over for a week and they are full of coughs lol  It is great having them here again so soon.  The last 2 evenings I have spent stitching a hanger for one of the Pre-School teaching assistants as she leaves for pastures new today :(

Cara took in flowers for her and since Jacki also works in the After-School Club Katie has taken her in ... 

Hanger for Jacki
'To Teach Is To Touch A Life Forever'
This evening I might work on Cara's Summer Fairy or start organising what I am going to stitch for the teachers for end of year gifts for June.  Decisions decisions decisions!!  

Well I had better get cleaned up and something planned out for tea!!

Have a great day all

Love me


  1. It's so cute...
    Enjoy your time dear :)
    Hugs for you x

  2. Sweet, the teacher will love this gift!! Have fun :)

  3. Love your hanger! What a great gift :o)

  4. Sounds like you have your hands full..lovely hanger. Hope everyone feels better soon xx

  5. What a cute little design. Very pretty!

  6. Really sweet, the teacher must have loved that hanger :)
    it's lovely