Thursday, 6 March 2014

Just a little update ....

Hello all!

I'm back at the library to send off my end of course assignment for one of my Open university Courses so I thought I'd do a little up date!!  I forgot to take stitching photo updates but I'm having a big stitching session this weekend and with luck I can upload heaps of photos next week and with even more luck we might have the internet at home!!

This week has been Integration Week at the kiddies school and they have build bridges and with today being World Book Day they have gone dressed up!  Silly me forgot to take a photo of Mark before he went in but i managed to catch up with Conor there ....  Ryan is off sick :( ....  I shall get a photo of Mark later on!  He has gone as Harry Potter.

Ryan's Bridge

Mark and Katie's Bridge

Conor as a Penguin

Cara the Princess Pirate
Well I'm off again .... off to look at the baby shop next door to the library!  Knew I should have left Laura at home lol

Keep well and safe all

Love me

PS I'll be back ......


  1. Great costumes! Glad to see you are settling in nicely to your new home, even if you are still without internet.

  2. I love the bridges they turned out really well. Your daughter is so cute. She reminds me of my little girl. We did a pink pirate princess for her school on pirate day as well.

    1. Thank u Kristin xxx she is a cutie pie :P

  3. Wonderful costumes for your children!

  4. Oh lovely piccies of their bridges Heather! And don't they look cute all dressed up! Little Miss Cara is adorable!!!

    1. Thanks Thoeria :) Hope you are all well xxxx

  5. Les foto's sont belle bonne journée Marie-Claire

  6. I saw Harry Potter on twitter =D
    the 3 were so gorgeous, the princess pirate is the cutest pirate ever seen =)