Sunday, 23 March 2014

Phew .... what an active 3 months ...

Hello all!

I think I'm back to being in my normal stitching mode after a crazy Christmas, moving home, and catching up on my Open University Studies :)  I e-mailed my an assignment about 30 minutes ago so I am now all caught up after being about 5 weeks behind!!  Happy bunny me lol

I am all caught up with life and now back to the stitching .... I hope hope you will all be able to smell my needle burning in a little while!!  I want to stitch a gift for a member of the school staff as she is leaving the school, on Thursday, for a different job.  My children will miss her very much :(

Last night we had an 18th Birthday Party for James.  Its a few weeks early but the 5 younger children where at their fathers so we thought 'oh why not' haha!!  Laura and James' birthdays are only 5 days apart so the next weekend the children are away will be the day after Laura's birthday.  Then after that it will be nearly a month  past his birthday and he would be 'partied out' by then lol  We all had a brilliant night with out any problems at all which is fantastic!!

On Tuesday my mum and dad will be here again so we are all very excited!  They will be here when it is Mother's Day in the UK so I couldn't think of a more perfect time for mum to be here :)  I have booked us a table for 10 at a local restaurant for Sunday Lunch on Mother's Day!!  Just so perfect .... 

So watch this space for loads of updates now I am back in my stitching corner lol  I am thinking of having a giveaway too as I've loads of things I don't use so once I have had a good route through all my stuff I might just post a giveaway too!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday Evening all

Lots of love and crafting kisses


  1. So glad you are back on top of everything..I think I can smell the smoke from your needles here!

  2. :)
    Hugs for you dear sis xx

  3. I love the feeling when an essay is all done and dusted. Looking forward to seeing your latest creations hot off the needle!

  4. Such a great feeling to be on top of everything and in charge again! Look forward to seeing the tracks the burning needle leaves!

  5. Glad you are now back to normality! Looking forward to admiring your lovely stitching work & have the most wonderful time next weekend... I will be out for lunch too... I refuse to cook!! :D

  6. Bon retour au blog Marie-Claire

  7. Welcome back :)
    it's so super to read you are a happy bunny with many good moments to live
    stitches can wait (even if we miss them very much :D)
    big hugs