Monday, 21 April 2014

A lovely ....


Hello to you all!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter day and holidays :)

Mine has been a little strange because the children have been with their father since Wednesday so the house has been a little quiet to say the least but there has been plenty going on  to keep me busy, so busy infact I just done know where the last 6 days have gone to!!  The children will be home later on this evening so I am really looking forward to noise and a messy house again lol 

The last few days I have stitched on Summer Fairy and she is coming along nicely!  Still alot to do but she will be so worth it in the end.  Not alot of stitching but quite a bit backstitch in DMC and metallic threads plus 100's of beads to stitch on!!  Now that will be a task and a half I think lol   Looking forward to seeing her finished though :)

Summer Fairy
as at 20 April 2014

I felt very lucky when I received this exchange from Bernadette in France .... The Exchange was organised by Mii Stitch so thank you both very much!  I totally love all that I received and being an avid letter writer I love the personalised address book Bernadette made just for me!!  :)  I really love the eggs in the basket and the beautiful bubble baths PLUS I can reuse the baskets when all the lovely goodies have gone!!  I just love re-using items!!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you 
xxx  Totally spoiled  xxx

My beautiful address book :)

All my Easter Goodies
xx Thank you xx
I am still waiting on a few people to get back to me for my exchange ... I will give people until Wednesday and if I haven't heard from them by then I will just go ahead with and give partner details out, otherwise we are all hanging about ... 

If you asked to be in my exchange then check out .... Exchange Post .... and please contact me with your postal details if you haven't already done so  .... Cheers!!

Lastly Look what the Easter Bunny brought for 'lil 'ol me :)

Yum Yum
Thanks Easter Bunny!!

I had better get some sleep before the kiddies arrive home lol
Bye for now, happy stitching/crafting/eating chocolate!!

Love me


  1. Summer Fairy is looking very beautiful. You received a very nice exchange.

  2. I love your Joan Elliott summer fairy it's beautiful. And wow yes I really like your exchange gifts too. Mmm chocolate! Hope you too had a lovely smiley stitchy Easter :)

  3. Summer fairy is looking gorgeous! Lovely exchange gifts.

  4. coucou Heather, merci pour ce très bel échange,tu m'a beaucoup gâtée,
    tu as reçu de très beaux cadeaux

  5. Summer Fairy is beautiful, she is another one I have only stitched her hand for, as part of a four seasons card.

    I thought it must be quiet without the children then spotted the photo of them all! It must be so weird not having them around. My older son stays at his grandparent's one night a week and that is strange enough for me!

  6. I remember my kids going to their dads. I would look forwards to the peace and then be completely lost until they got back. I'm glad you have been spoiled, you deserve it! A house move is never easy and even though it is a lovely new home, it must still have been stressful! mmm I seem to have missed the exchange... have fun!

  7. I bet it was very quiet and strange not having the kids around!!
    Loving your fairy - she looks gorgeous!
    Your exchange gift is lovely :o)
    Hugs xx

  8. Love your exchange gifts!!! Glad you had fun taking part :) xx

    1. I did thank u! My gifts are super cool and i love them very much :) Thank you for organising xxx

  9. La Fee est magnifique et l'échange très beau bravo Marie-Claire

  10. Oh yummy yummy eggies Heather :) Summer Fairy is looking gorgeous! Great exchange gifties too!

  11. fantastic exchange :)
    Bernadette sent you very beautiful thing and this address book is really very sweet
    your fairy is really superb !!! =)
    very well done
    can't wait to have the details for the Summer Exchange ;)
    I'm very excited to start
    big hugs