Friday, 2 May 2014

Stashing the stash :)

Hello, Hello and Hello again!!
How are you all today?  I hope everyone is ready for the Bank Holiday weekend!! Haha more relaxation time I hope for everyone ... Or if you have tons of energy then please come to my house so I can find you lots of jobs to keep you busy 

Over the last few days I have treated myself to a few goodies .... well I have 'worked' hard lol  So I bought myself 

Grab bags from Polstitches

All together!!

3 pieces I won from eBay for £2 each!!!
I couldn't believe my luck!!!

Once I have my last part of the Open University course I am doing finished off I am going to spend my time finishing off Summer Fairy and maybe, just maybe get started on my Christmas Chart that Santa brought to me, Little Stitching fairy by Joan Elliott.  I have bought the threads needed and the package looks lovely and inviting!!

Threads and beads

Back of the packet ...
Just look at all them wonderful colours!!

The threads are for this chart
I cant wait to get started!!

The children are away this weekend so I AM and I WILL get my Grandchilds Baby Sampler finished!  I have 3/4 of it completed already, including the backstitch, so there really isn't much left at all!!  .... I just need a good kick up the backside to get this one finished!!  I've got between 6 to 8 weeks max before baby will be here but I would like the sampler ready to put the childs name etc on as soon as I know she has been born .... So, my stitching buddies ... please give me a kick up the backside lol

Well, I had better get myself ready to do school runs!  I'll post a photo of my progress on Baby Sampler tomorrow :)

Bye for now

Love me


  1. Have a great stitch-tastic weekend!!

  2. Wow you so lucky x
    Enjoy my dear x

  3. Vous avez fait des beaus achats bonne soiree Marie-Claire

    1. Merci beaucoup :) Avoir un bon week-end

      (Hope I translated correctly!)

  4. Oh my!! really love all the pretty fabric you got for stitching. Good luck with your OU module :)
    And oooh great choice of stitching project to start next! Its wonderful, love Joan Elliott designs:)
    Smiles to you :)

  5. What a gorgeous design to start stitching. Looking forward to seeing this one stitched!
    Amazing fabric colours in your new stash :)
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Hugs xx

  6. Lovely new stash! Fabrics are beautiful!

  7. Have a great stitchy weekend!!

  8. Wow! You can't imagine how I love watching over people's stash. I suppose a part of me imagines I could have something like that and add to the wishlist. And the new project looks good (even before it is started) packaged well and all. Good luck with sampler.

  9. fantastic new supplies :D
    Wow, such beautiful fabrics !!!
    I hope you had a great stitching and relaxing long weekend ;)
    can't wait to see your progress
    have a great week