Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Gorjuss Exchange and Round Robins

Hello one and all!!

I hope everyone is well!!  I'm sure you can imagine that things have been madness and a complete routine changer in my house but hey ... we're loving it!!  Baby and Laura have settled in and my children just love their little new niece :)

I took part in the Gorjuss Exchange for on Mii Stitches blog and my partner to send too was Justine and I received from Mii ... I am totally delighted because its like my birthday has come 8 days early :)

Fabric Tray with stitched girl, and, note book, shopping bag and coaster
I just love everything!!

New Heights
Fabric tray 
I must say Mii you have done an amazing exchange parcel for me!!  I totally love everything and I also am in admiration of all the hard work you put into my gift!  Wow that background stitching would have taken ages and ages to do!!  Thank you so very very much xxxxx  When is the next exchange? lol

I sent Justine ...

Stitched Hanger, trinket tin, Purse,
Notebook and card

I am in the Round Robin (RR) on June's Blog  and  for Kim I stitched

A lovely pink heart
From Kim I received :-

A gorgeous hat for my girls Katie and Cara
When I have all my stitched pieces from the RR I intend to stitch them together to hang in their bedroom! Katie and Cara are really delighted and super excited!!

Well I had better get another piece for the RR finished to send off!!

Happy Stitching all!!

Lots of love
Me xxxx


  1. Heather: What a winderful Grandmother you must be I bet you are hugging and kissing that adorable little baby a lot.
    Lovely exchamges you have, what fun that must be.
    Your Round Robin is adorable, how sweet that hat is of Katie and Cara.
    Happy stitching

  2. So so glad & relieved you like my piece & gifts :) Your goodies for Justine are fantastic too, I just love that sweet girl!
    Big hugs to the little one xx

  3. L'échange est magnifique bravo Marie-Claire

  4. What a great exchange from Mii - so pretty! I must get into the next one ;) I'm so glad you and your girls like the hat ;)