Friday, 11 July 2014

Lots of Goodies ... (and photos!!)

Hello there!!

Not alot has been going on in my house except for nappy changing, bottle feeds and seeing to 5 other childrens needs as it is the school summner holidays here!! Stitching shall resume on my own projects asap as I am upto date with exchanges and Round Robins!

But whilst you wait for me to actually have some stitching that I can show you here are some photos lol!!

Wednesday was my 43rd Birthday ...  I had a wonderful day and I was spoilt crazy by the children!!  

Birthday Cards

Birthday Presents

My yummy cake!!

My certificate came for passing a University qualification I did a while back.

I can now have Cert Comp Sci (open) after my name!!  How posh am I now? lol  Then I discovered yesterday that I had passed my second University qualification so I can use Cert HE (open) after my name once I receive that certificate ... 

My name will be Miss Heather C.... Cert Comp Sci (open), Cert HE (open), 

Hahaha I'll need a great big line when writing my name lol!!!  I am delighted with myself I will say that.  It might sound big-headed but I did work my little socks off so I think I have earned bragging rights!!!

The other day I was out running a few messages with Cara so we just had to have a quick pit-stop at the park :)

The slide was all she wanted to play on lol  My children amaze me sometimes lol The park was empty and she could have had her pick of anything and everything but no .... the slide was the 'toy' of the day lol

I am very sure that you would love to see a few more photos of my Grandaughter Abby lol

Dreaming of more milk!!

Abby and Auntie Cara

'Driving' Cara's Car lol

A beautiful dimple windy smile
This is just so cute :)

Well folks I think I have waffled on enough for today lol

Happy stitching and keep safe

Too all my wonderful friends

PS - Chris you still haven't claimed your prize from my giveaway xxxx
I have left you a comment on your blog as I cant seem to get a link to your e-mail address!  xxx


  1. Happy birthday
    Buon compleanno.
    Ciao Giovanna

  2. Happy Birthday Heather! That cake looks divine!!!! Send a piece over :D Aunty Cara looks delighted to have a little baby doll to play with :) They're going to be the best of buddies no doubt! And CONGRATS on the uni degrees! You've definitely earned those bragging rights!

  3. Happy Birthday sweetie!!! Congratulations on the new "titles" :D
    That cake looks so so yummy & you have received lovely gifts xxx

  4. Happy birthday! And congrats with your new university degrees!

  5. Heather, that was a lovely update. Happy Birthday!! I love seeing pictures of your little ones. Have a blessed day.


  6. Happy Birthday and congratulations on receiving your certificate! Loved your post - darling grand babies ;)

  7. What a lovely happy post , a late Happy Birthday to you , looks like you had a fun day.
    And congrats , and well done.

  8. Bon anniversaire et bravo avec votre diplome merci de partager les belle foto's avec nous bonne soiree Marie-Claire