Saturday, 30 August 2014

Words are sometimes not enough ...

Hello fellow bloggers!

Yesterday evening (a few hours ago) I learnt that a wonderful woman, fellow sticher/blogger/Facebooker had passed away.  I havent really followed other peoples posts on FB or the blogs the last while as the children hog all the technology in the home and my energy!!!  lol  

So, in great stitching memory, to a woman I knew a little but felt like I'd known her for years ....

RIP Debbie xxxxx

Over on Linda's blog she has crazy ideas for stitching in Debbie's memory .... well I did say words are not enough!!  

My thoughts are with Debbie's family and Linda's crazy ideas!!

I will be back asap with some actual stitching photos lol until then love to you all.  Keep safe xxxx

Hugs Heather


  1. So sad, it is hard to say goodbye to a friend.

  2. Oh, she will be missed. She was an inspiration to me, her enthusiasm for stitching got me back into my stitching.

  3. Beyond sad . So much to say yet at such a loss to make the words matter . She is and will be missed.

  4. Thank you Heather. I sure hope lots of people join us.


  5. Very sad news Heather. Linda has some great ideas for fitting tributes to Debbie.

  6. I was shocked to hear the news. Debbie will be missed by many.