Tuesday, 9 September 2014

First day of school ....


I have just realised that I did not show off my wee Cara on her first day of school last Tuesday!!

Cara ready to leave for school

Cara at her classroom
She had a brilliant first week in school and she was so disappointed that the weekend came around! She was really annoyed with her siblings becasue they thought it was great that there was no school when she wanted to go in lol

She received a sticker on her first day for being so good and helpful with the other children that were a little unsure :) .... well this is what she did with her sticker in the car on the way home ....

She turned Abby into a Ladybird!!
Poor Abby lol!!  Cara thought Abby looked great as a ladybird and Abby really didnt mind at all haha!!

The rest of this week whilst Katie and Cara have been at school have finally managed to finish off their bedroom ...

Cara's bed

Katie's bed

The Book Corner
I think the room ooks fantastic!  Although it does look like Katie has more stuff on herside but its just becasue Cara has the doorway by her bed :)  The girls are delighted!!

Now Laura and I seem to have got back into the swing of school runs etc maybe now I can get back to doing my own things during the day .... Like stitching haha  :)  That would be so fantastic!  The last 3 months or so I have really missed it!  I feel like half a person without my needle and thread in my hand!!

Until next time take care!!

Love and stitching/crafting hugs


  1. Cara: Congratulations on your first day opf school, and Abby looks so cute.
    Love the bedrooms, how sweet they are.


    1. Thank you Catherine! Cara is loving school and Abby is a cutie pie! xxxx

  2. Cara looks so happy to be going to school. Hope she continues that way. Their bedroom looks great.


  3. Cara looks so adorable!! And so does little Abby as a ladybird :D

    You did good with the girls' bedroom - looks so pretty!

    1. Thank you Thoeria! I lovethe girls room and delighted that it was done by my little hands :)

  4. Cara looks so cute, you have a lovely family .
    Hope you get some more stitching time soon.
    The girls bedrooms look so pretty.

    1. Thank you so very much June! Delighted you say i have a lovely family. iam super proud of them all xxxx

  5. Congratulations on your first day of school dear cara :) and Abby looks so cute.
    Love the bedroom..so sweet xxx

    1. Cara is totally loving school lol it doesnt seem 5 minutes ago since she was born!! Wee Abby is the apple of everyones eye lol :) xxxx

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