Saturday, 20 December 2014

All went pear shaped :(

Hello fellow bloggers :)

Well the last few weeks has seen us all drop like flies ... germs germs and more germs :(  Cara ended up with conjunctivitis as well so lots of TLC given and my reward ... I got every single germ the kids had all rolled into one, including the conjunctivitis!!  I must say I have been in a bad way for about 10 days now :(   I am starting to hate winter time!!

Today was marks 9th birthday and I was in no shape to put on the birthday show like I normally do so we are going to have the birthday celebrations in full form after Christmas!!  We had cake, jelly, presents etc today but I normally do a birthday tea but with being so ill I thought better off it in case I passed germs back around!!  I am all congested and I can hardly hear so all I can say is i will never take my hearing or eye sight for granted because the last week or so I have had little use of both and it is not very pleasant at all :( 

Stitching has been so little other than finishing off two little ornaments for Cara's teachers.  I was meant to be doing 10 of them for all the teachers and helpers but not being able to see and trying to stitch was a little impossible lol  

With luck I will be near or at full health for Christmas!!  Plus back to blogging on a very regular basis next year...  I have planned what i am doing next year though so I have still thought about my stitching :)

See here for what my plans are! 

On a great note Katie made the school choir and they did a show with our local high school and I must say WOW  They were all fantastic and yes a shed many a tear as I saw her on the stage at the High school :)  It was just so amazing!!  

Ready for Choir Concert

The last week we got snowed in and the kids had a great day outside lol  Great day had by all

Conor in the snow as it started to fall!

Tyre tracks after I tried 3 times to get up the
driveway!!  See them slide marks eeek
Pure ice under that snow
Abby enjoying snowballs thrown at her lol
Mr Snowman :)
Well If I cant get on my blog before Christmas, I hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas

Love and hugs


  1. Sending hugs and happy thoughts for all those bugs to go away before Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  2. You poor baby! I hope you're back up to full strength soon!

  3. You have been so unlucky to get everything at once. My heart goes out to how bad you must be feeling. I hope everything clears up by Christmas. :)