Saturday, 31 January 2015

DUCJC update and general stuffs!!

Hello Hello and Hello again!!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy such a busy crazy and snowed in time!!  I cannot believe that for the third time this month we have been snowed in at home!!  Outside at the moment is so white and slippy it is unbelievable!! Only this evening I drove down our driveway and went to turn the car so I could back 'her' into 'her' usual space and I got stuck on the ice!!  It is just total madness!!  Once again the kids have missed school because of the weather and where we live, which is in the middle of nowhere with no decent roads to drive on until we hit the little village by us!!  I think a move is needed to get back towards the town (plus away from my crazy landlord!! ... that's another story lol!!!) 

Anyway, back to the lovely stuff of stitching ....  

So, my last post was for the 13th January's stitching for Debbie's Ultimate Crazy January Challenge ... I cannot believe today (31st) is the last day!!  Others are still carrying on throughout February but I have Uni assignments to complete and I am also taking part in Letters of the Month challenge for February so I do not wish to over do it with promises and then not fulfill anything!!  Uni stuff is a must, the rest is fun!!  :) 

DUCJC - I have not got all photos taken so I will post what i have done then hunt the photos down or take more lol

Day 14 - Teacher Assistant gift #1

Day 15 - Teacher Assistant gift #2

Day 16 - Conor's Penguin #1

Day 17 - Teacher Assistant gift #3

Day 18 - Round Robin

Day 19 - Teacher Assistant gift #4

Day 20 - Teacher Assistant gift #5

Teaching Assistant Gifts

Day 21 - stitching Fairy by Joan Elliott (for me!!)

Day 22 - Completed Round Robin

Day 23 - Completed another Round Robin

Days 24 to 27 - WIP Summer Fairy by Joan Elliott  (Enjoying this so much I couldn't put it down!!)

Day 28 - Joan Elliott Calender SAL (January chart started)

Day 29 - Fairy hanger for Birthday gift for Cara's friend

Day 30- Back of fairy hanger plus stitched together

Day 31 - Fruit Basket kit

Fairy Hanger

Back of Fairy Hanger

Quite a long list there!!  I should have done another update in between this one and last post but I just never got the chance lol  

I have really enjoyed taking part in this challenge in memory of Debbie!  I certainly will take part next year if Linda is running it but I will be a lot more organised next year lol!!  

I am sure I had a lot more to say but I think there is enough words on this post for now lol!!  Plus I want to post this before February arrives in a few minutes time haha!!  Cannot post a January challenge in February now lol ....

Have fun a be be safe in this terrible weather!!

Bye for now
Love and hugs 


  1. I want to thank you for joining me is this challenge to honor Debbie. Yes, I would like to do it again next year. Stay safe from the bad weather.


  2. Hi Heather - Hope you enjoy the snow. Look forward to seeing your progress. Be safe and stay warm.


  3. Looking foward to seeing your lovely progress .
    Take care in the snow , have a happy week.

  4. The little fairy finish is just too cute!
    Stay safe with all that snow :)

  5. Well done on getting on 31 starts done! Look forward to seeing more pics of those designs when you get back to them :o)
    I can't imagine not being able to go places because of the snow.. I am sure the kids love missing school, but I can quite understand why you would be thinking of moving closer to town!
    Stay safe and warm..
    Hugs xx

  6. I also hate driving on snowy and icy roads, it's always a bad adventure. Over the weekend we have had 14" of new snow but fortunately the snowploughs have been driving and clearing the streets as much as possible.
    I love yxour little fairy finish.