Saturday, 17 January 2015

DUCJC update and Joan Elliott SAL ... plus a funny slip up lol

Good Evening bloggers,

I hope you are all well and for those of you with the snow falling I hope you are not snowed in like we are!!  We have had a fun week with the snow and the school has even been closed on one occasion.

On Friday there was that much snow at school bus run time that we decided going out at a silly time in the morning in a fresh heavy snow fall was a little silly, if not dangerous!!  So a few hours later after a few cars had been up and down our road James and I decided to venture down to the shop as wee needed milk (and maybe some chocolate lol) Well we got to the shop and half way up our road home the car got stuck!!  James being the practical and forward thinking person he is had actually brought a spade lol  So dig dig dig to get the car unstuck ... but the car still wouldn't budge on the slippy road!  Needless to say I went head over heals on the slippy road lol James just laughed and laughed then took photos!!  Thanks James hahaha!! we left the car, walked home and then came back a few hours later once the snow started to melt.  Thankfully we got the car home in time because then it started snowing heavier ... now we are under about 8 inches of snow!!  School on Monday is looking like another no-go!!  

I just could not get up for laughing!!

My participation in Debbie's Ultimate Crazy January Challenge 2015 (DUCJC) is going good!!

I have spent a few days stitching on Round Robins and SAL's so there are not too may photos to show!  Plus I cannot show the RR's just yet :)  Need to keep them as a surprise for the recipients :) 

Day 8 Joan Elliott SAL
Day 9 Joan Elliott SAL

Finished the unicorn stitching but need to put the beads and metallic thread on but I will put them on each square at the end of the SAL!


Day 10 Round Robin
Day 11 I continued with the Round Robin
Day 12 Teacher Gift #3 out of 5 started

Teacher Stitching

Day 13 New face started on Joan Elliott SAL

Joan Elliott SAL
(sorry the photo is not the best!)

I will take photos of the others I have started and post asap :)

At the moment there is no other news so I will finish this post with a cute photo of my Grandaughter Abby :D

xxx Lovely little Abby xxx

Take care everyone and keep safe :)
Lots of stitching hugs and kisses



  1. Thankfully you weren't hurt Heather. Abby sure is a cutie. Lovely stitching.


  2. Oh my.... So pleased you were no injured... But I know what having the fits of giggles is like!
    Wonderful stitching your many lovely projects.
    Abby is a cutie :)
    Smiles :)

  3. The adventures of driving in snow. I wish we had some snow here. Lovely stitching.


  4. Glad you weren't hurt ~ I have to admit, I love the pic of you in the snow ~ made me chuckle as one can tell it is such a genuine fit of laughter! Your granddaughter is precious!

  5. I so don't like driving in the snow... mainly because my car can't take it!!!
    So glad you are not hurt though Heather ;)
    Great stitching, looking forward to see the JEC SAL pictures xx

  6. I simply hate driving in the snow although we have good winter tyres and usually get everywhere with them, also uphill, but I don't like it anyway.
    Great stitching and wow, the Joan Elliot piece is looking gorgeous.