Thursday, 28 May 2015

A lot of everything ... !!!


Oh what fun we have had the past few weeks!!  Really it has just been family life all the way with a little bit of study ... which saw my last assignment being sent in so I am now as free as a little birdie until October!!

Ryan has been on a short (educational) holiday with the school!

Ryan has also been accepted at the secondary school that we chose, the same one his big brother James went too, so we know he will do fantastic there!!

Cara will be turning 5 years old in 2 weeks time so we a busy planning her party!!  She is just way too excited!  

I haven't really done much stitching but I am sure I will get back into the swing of it soon now that all the move and deadlines have been met!!

Back to a normal, less crazy way of life ... (I Hope)  :)

Pictures speak louder than words ... so here are a few family photos .... ooooo speaking of photos the children had their school pictures taken the other week at school and the group on of them is just a treat!!!  I cannot wait to get the big photo of them all!!  

This is just a photo of the proof from the photographers ... It is a little blurry but its still an absolute stunner of a school photos but then again I would say that since they are all my cutie pies lol 

Ryan, Conor, Mark, Katie and Cara
This was my one and only chance to get all 5 of them
together whilst they all wore the same uniform!!


Katie, Mark and Cara


Cara, James and( a little of) Katie!!

Wee Abby being the goal keeper lol
She loves being in the garden

Mummy the hair dresser lol
Katie's hair after a few attempts :)

Mummy's Restaurant
One hungry Cara waiting for tea to cook!!!

Hungry Cat
One of the cats ate Conors Trip letter lol
I thought it was meant to be the dog that ate the homework!!

Now, too sit back and enjoy the month of June as we have a lot of exciting events coming up!!  As you know I am PR for the Parents' Council at the kiddies school, well we have Summer Fete, Year 7 leavers party and play to do and a few other bits and pieces!!  Its a busy happy yet sad month as Ryan spends his last few weeks as a Primary school Boy before big school turns him into a man!!  

Well that's all for now folks ... my bed is calling me lol  It sure does feel good to be finally settled in our little home and all the 'nasty' stuff sorted out :)

See ya soon!!

Love H


  1. Love all the pictures Heather. The one with all the kids is awesome.


    1. Thank you Linda! I love the one of them all too!! Its totally fantastic :)

  2. Hope the move went well, you have a lovely family and what great photos.
    Enjoy your month hugs.

    1. Thank you :) We are all settled now and I am ready to back to being 'me' lol

  3. I am so glad you are slowing down now, the photos of your children are adorable.
    Thank-you for sharing with us.