Monday, 17 August 2015

Great news and a Mermaid for Cara

Hello there!!

After a busy couple of weeks (as usual lol) and a heart echo scan for Katie I can say that Katie's hole in the heart has nearly closed :)  For all you people familiar with a pin pick ... well that just how big the hole is now :D  Totally delighted!!

A child born with 2 holes in her heart now only has one teeny weeny little hole that should close on its own in the next year or so!!  We have to go back in 2 years for another echo scan and with luck the hole shall have vanished!!  She is not on any medication and has never needed an op!! Absolutely amazing!!  

Katie (with tongue out) Cara and me!!
Love my hair band lol 

Finally I have started stitching something other than my Summer fairy lol  She is at the framers still waiting to be framed :)

This week I have stitched some on stitches onto a piece of fabric and 'Dah dah' ... a mermaid started to appear haha!!  

This is another of Joan Elliott's fab designs :)  I bought 'A year of magical Stitching' chart pack and the mermaid I am stitching is from July

Mermaid for Cara

We have had 'fun' this week as one of our cats, Charlie, went missing and after a big Facebook plea and numerous hours and hours of searching around the streets, two people spotted her in our local area!  They kept her amused, after phoning the vets, and once her microchip was scanned to confirm she was our Charlie we were reunited with her :) Fantastic!!

Never underestimate the power of social media and the generosity of good people!!  


Next week I am off to a one day beginners sewing machine course :)  I cannot wait to learn how to use a sewing machine!! I am really looking forward too this :D

James, my 19 year old, is in charge of the kiddies ... but I suspect that it may well be Cara who is in charge haha!!  Poor James will be hen-pecked all day lol I will let you all know how I get on with the sewing machine and how James survived the 'monsters' lol lol :D

Have fun and keep safe everyone

Love Heather


  1. Glad to hear that Katie is doing well and that you found Charlie.


  2. Glad to know that Katie is doing well. Enjoy your sewing class:)

  3. Great news about Katie. So glad you found your cat. It is very upsetting when they go missing. Lovely stitching too. X