Wednesday, 5 August 2015

She's Finished!!!

Hello to you all!

The summer Holidays are going swimmingly ... literally lol The rain has not stopped at all for weeks!!  I think we need an arc building haha

Laura and Abby moved out a few weeks ago and its very strange I must say!!  James is off to Uni in 4 or 5 weeks time ... the family is shrinking!!  No doubt James will be home every few weeks with a bag of washing and to raid the fridge haha!!

With the weather so bad I ended up booking Mark, Katie and Cara into the local summer scheme for a few hours a day just so they had something to do!  Where has the sunshine gone?

The kiddies are at their fathers this week so I sat down and finished my Summer Fairy :D Delighted!!

Summer Fairy Finished
04 August 2015

Summer fairy
Of course the children have a list of stuff ready for me to start now lol There's no rest for the wicked lol

I already 'had' to stop my Fairy stitching the other week to stitch a doggie for Cara!!  Oh the chore of such a task lol

Cara's Doggie
I have also stitched and posted my exchange for the Margaret Sherry blog exchange but I cant show photos just yet :) I think the next task will be Cara's mermaid and then Ryan's dragon!  Both designs by Joan Elliott ... I think they are as hooked on her designs as I am :D

Well, I must sort out Cara's mermaid stuff and get cracking lol
Happy stitching and crafting everyone :)

Love and hugs


  1. Summer fairy is beautiful...what a wonderful finish!

  2. Congrats on the great finish Heather. Have fun with your other projects.


  3. Congratulations on your beautiful finish!

  4. Beautiful finish. Isn't it great when the kids want you to make things for them? My dd wants a cupcake scarf making and for me to finish a HAED I started for her a few years ago!

  5. Beautiful Finish and stitching.
    I could see on the weather map you have had loads of rain, it has been just missing us

  6. Beautiful fairy!!
    Fully understand how you must all feel with the rain, the weather has been pretty pants here in Shropshire too... Where is Summer??
    Let's not get too depressed, it can only get better, right? :D
    Have fun with your other projects!

  7. FĂ©licitation la broderie est magnifique Marie-Claire

  8. Wow, beautiful stitching!
    I wish I could "send" some summer to you - we begin to have too much of it here in Hungary.... 30-35 degrees for weeks....

  9. Gorgeous finish! She looks stunning on that fabric.

  10. Your summer fairy is just beautiful. I really like the effect your fabric has on the design. x

  11. What a beautiful finish. Gorgeous - a true heirloom.