Monday, 14 September 2015

Great kiddies ....


I just had to show you this ...

I was clearing kitchen up last night before bed (I love getting up to a clean and tidy kitchen lol) and spotted this egg that Ryan had left on top of the egg carton haha!!  A great sense of humour he has!

Egg face!!

Says ... 'Ryan was here'
What a boy!! 

Last week at school Katie was awarded Star of the week ... 

My Shinning Star

Jo has pointed out that my Blogoversary isn't yet as the counter is broken!!  I must admit I looked at it the other week and it said 45 days then suddenly it was 15 days!  I did wonder where my weeks had gone but thought nothing of it!!

Well no news ... no luck on a house yet either :(  Can't believe this is happening to us again!!  I just hope we are sorted by Christmas!!

Bye for now
Love me xxxxx


  1. Goodness your kids are growing up..... where does time go? I really do hope that it's not 13 days to 26 Oct (your blogoversary!!)
    Fingers crossed you get some good news on a new house soon... can't imagine how much stress it must be causing you all.
    Take care, hugs xx

  2. I love fun kids , love the egg.
    Congrats to your daughter.

  3. Love the surprise egg! Congratulations to Katie - star of the week is a big deal.

  4. Congratulations to Katie..that is a wonderful accomplishment. Love the egg...touching. I'm so sorry to hear about the house hunting again. Isn't there a local authority or housing association that can help?

  5. The egg face is so sweet! Definitely put a smile on your face :)
    Hope you find a new home soon x