Sunday, 17 January 2016

DUCJFC2016 Days 9 to 15 update!!

Hello there!

Amongst my daily madness of family life I have managed a few motifs and a penguin!! lol

The motifs I intend to use as practise for making up things on my sewing machine and if they turn out good I will them use them as gifts ... if they turn out bad then not much of a loss as I can then use for key rings or something!!  

Penguin for Conor
I am hoping to stitch lots of penguins
onto the same piece of fabric! 

Motifs ... I need a few more colours on the Rainbow

I am also a member of Letters of the Month so I am getting myself ready for a month of letters!!  This is were I send out one letter/postcard/card etc out each day to someone and with luck I should get mail from people too, but I'm looking forward to the sending part!!  I am very excited and hope I receive lots of lovely mail during February!  I am fed up of bills and junk mail coming through my letter box!!  If anyone would like a spot of mail sending their way then drop me an e-mail :D 

Lovely writing paper at the ready :D 

I am also taking part in the Gifted Gorgeousness Challenge so I had better write my post :D  I am a little late!!  

Hugs and take care


  1. Beautiful stitching! Love the penquin.

  2. I love your idea of sending letters and in return getting nice mail instead of just those horrible bills!
    Hugs xx