Monday, 8 February 2016

Busy Busy Busy lol

Good Morning, Good Afternoon or Good Evening (depending on where you are!)

Hope everyone is well today and the weather is being kind to you!

I have had a rather a busy week!  My poor shoes are a little tired now lol  This week looks like it will be pretty much the same, roll on school holidays this Friday until Wednesday! That's all I can say!!  

Last week I battled with my sewing skills on my sewing machine and came up with ...

Red bags and a little cross stitched flower
machine sewn into a hanger.  Plus,
handmade PomPoms

I made these for the British Heart Foundation's Wear it Beat it day which was Friday 5th February. The school had a 'Red Day' in aid to raise some funds.  Of course with Katie having a heart condition we wanted to support the cause.  So these red bag were for Katie and Cara's red fruit break snack. The pompoms were for the girls hair ...

Katie, modelling the homemade
pompoms in her hair

The kiddies wore red ...  Well, the boys just wanted red t-shirts but as you can see the girls are near enough head to toe in red!!

Front of the Monkeys

Back of the Monkeys
The kiddies could also take a packed lunch that was red! Oh mine love this and we made heart shaped jam sandwiches (which I forgot to take a photo of!!)  ... Cara won the Lunch box Competition :D  So I should be able to get a photo of her, with her lunch, from the school (I hope) I am totally delighted that mine and Katie's 40 minute sandwich making gain some recognition lol 

This week sees school plays and alot of running about!!  I have nearly finished Cara's mermaid too :D I hope to get it finished this week!!  

Anyway, I had better go and get Conor and mark sorted for their school performance tonight at 7pm!

Bye for now
Hugs Heather


  1. Aww beautiful
    Hugs and kisses x

  2. Busy busy!!
    Love the Pom pons :)
    Your 'monkeys' look adorable all in red lined up like that!
    Awesome that Cara won the lunch box competition! Go you for inventive sandwich making!!
    Smiles :)

  3. Love your bags - all in a good cause. Great photos of the kids!

  4. Pretty bag Heather. The kids look great.


  5. I bet there's never a dull or quiet moment in your house! Everything and everyone looks great! :)

  6. Cute post - love your creations....and your children are so adorable.

  7. Great work everyone for a very worthy cause!

  8. Great work sewing to get those done and congrats on winning the lunch competition!