Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Gifted Gorgeousness, A Finish (yay!!) and lots of post

Hello there everyone,

Well, this week I worked away on Cara's Mermaid, designed by Joan Elliott!  She is such a slave driver lol  

After deciding she wanted beads and sparkle (just like mummy's Summer Fairy) I managed to complete her Mermaid for her!  I felt so bad that she has had to wait so long for it!  However she was totally delighted with the results :D

Cara's Mermaid
Finished 15 February 2016

Mermaid with beads and sparkle!
For this months Gifted Gorgeousness (sorry the posting is a little late!), hosted by Serendipitous Stitching, along with the Mermaid stitching for Cara ... I'm sure this will count as a gift :D ... I started a chart that I bought with a gift voucher, for Sew and So, which James and the kiddies gave me for Christmas.  I bought :-

My goodies I bought with my voucher

The start of my gifted chart

I cannot wait to get a bit more done on this chart as I love cross stitching and I am just getting started on my sewing machine, so its 2 crafts all rolled into one ... perfect!!

Here is a clear photo of the stitched gift I did for one of Katie's penpals ... I did the stitching in January during DUCJFC2016, then stitched it onto fabric using my sewing machine :D  Great fun!!

Gifted flower hanger
Plus handmade pom-poms for Katie and Cara's hair :D

I have also started a birthday gift for a pen-pal but I will not show it off until March!  Just in case she sees it on her first!!  

Last but not least, Katie and I spent all day yesterday writing letters to our penpals and we produced this pile of mail, which I will go and post off shortly :D  

Huge pile of letters!

That's it really, we have had a few lovely days off school due to mid-term break.  So we chilled out and relaxed and didn't really do much at all!  everyone did what they pretty much wanted which was excellent!  Also meant I could get Car's mermaid finished!!  No doubt there will be more requests coming my way soon lol

Have a great day all, and keep safe out there!

With love and hugs


  1. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. The mermaid is gorgeous and the perfect gift for your daughter.
    Nice new stash too!
    Don't you have a lot of penpals? I'm trying to write one letter per week this year. I've just posted two weeks' worth this morning!

    1. Thank you Jo! I do have a few penpals lol I just haven't written for a while so I did a catch up!!
      I hope you manage to do your letter a week :D Writing is great fun :)

  2. Aww super sweet stitching
    The mermaid is so cute
    Happy day smiles x

  3. The mermaid is so cute - and the "Let's Sew" is so sweet! Looking forward to the progress.

    1. Thank you Kim :D Im looking forward to stitching away on it :D xxx

  4. The mermaid looks adorable, well done!!!

  5. Thank you Mii :D Mummy got her skates on and got the job done lol

  6. Your mermaid is lovely! I'm sure Cara must think she's worth the wait. I like your new start too - so appropriate!

  7. Such a lot going on this week with a gorgeous finish, a start, gifts and letters! There must never be a quiet moment in your house!! :)

  8. Congrats on the adorable finish Heather. Love your new stash and start.


  9. Congratulations on the finish it's beautiful, lucky Cara! Lovely new start too :)
    Smiles :)

  10. Mermaid is so cute
    Congratulations for your beautiful needle work

  11. Cara's Mermaid is gorgeous - definitely worth waiting for :o)
    Lovely new start!
    Hugs xx

  12. Love the beautiful Mermaid so pretty.
    Pretty Flower Hanger so sweet.


  13. La broderie Mermaid est très belle Marie-Claire