Tuesday, 29 March 2016

A-Z Blog challenge - (slightly late) My Topic Reveal

Hello there!!

Well what a week or so!!  I went to do Toshiba updates on my Toshiba laptop and it crashed then wiped itself :(  

Luckily between James (19) and Conor (11) they managed to get the computer into safe mode and copy all my files before the thing wiped its-self clean and put everything back to factory settings!!!  Well here I am, with what looks like a brand new computer lol  I wish!!  So I will have to start hoarding my junk on the lappy again to make it look like mine!! 

I am taking part in the A-Z blog challenge this year ... It shall be fun, I think (I Hope!!)  I was meant to reveal my theme on 21st March ... buy hey ho!!  

My theme this year (playing it safe, maybe too safe I think) is all about ...........

(Drum roll) .... Sewing & crafts

This, as you know, is something I love doing :D  

So over the month of April I hope to enterain you :D  That's the plan anyway lol

James is home from visiting family in Liverpool, so I had better go and make the boy so food ... even though he is very capable of making it for himself haha!!  

Bye for now



  1. Hope your Laptop is fine now.Looking forward to April to see what you will be showing.

  2. I am doing this for the first time and will be looking forward to some of your posts on this topic. (I'm not doing one but sort of a small mix of books plus thoughts.)
    Kathryn - Discovering Daisies

  3. Terrible news about your computer. I do hope it's all sorted and safe now. Looking forward to your A-Z postings. I'm a little nervous about mine... :)