Thursday, 10 March 2016

Sewing Machine Creations

Hello there,

I hope you are all well :D  I have Cara off school all this week as she has a 'virus' of some sort and it knocked her 'for six' Sunday and Monday and now she has a cough like that of a 100 a day smoker!! It's nasty :(  Poor wee thing xoxox 

At the moment she is still fast asleep!  I'm just glad James is home from Uni early as I was able to leave her sleeping. Normally she is up at about 6am but today (now 9.30am) she is still snoring her head off!!  

I was spoilt on Mother's Day :D 

Handmade at school :D

Lots of gifts from all the kiddies :D
I really do love the handmade cards and pictures that are done at school.  This year Cara's class even made keyrings! I will treasure them all forever :D 

Yesterday I got out my sewing machine and stitched together some stitching I have had sitting about for a while!  So much stuff stitch and just piled into a box as I didn't know what to do with them!! 

Once I am a bit more confident I will machine sew the Round Robins that I did a year or ago over on June's blog

I do miss doing Round Robins and Exchanges!  I use to join them all the time, or even run them ... maybe i might go looking for some to join or even brave it and run some of my own again!  I really do love Round Robins :D 

Anyway ... back to the title topic lol  Here are the pieces I machine sewn yesterday :D

Vase of hearts by Michael Powell

Lizzie*Kate design 'Wear A Smile'
I must say I am pleased with myself :D

I will have a route throw my stitched collection an see what I can stitch together next lol  As they say "Practice makes perfect"

Bye for now,



  1. Great finishes! I wish I could say you'd inspired me, but I really really hate finishing. Lovely gifts you received from the kiddies. Hope Cara is better soon. That virus sounds nasty!

  2. Awe poor cara, hope she gets well soon. Looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day... I too love hand made cards, Han only does that now when she either forgets an occasion or is in the mood! Oh I loved the round robin June did too, it was really good fun. I have not managed to stitch mine together either, just cannot use my sewing machine....I think it's collecting dust down :( it's at the top of my list when I can sit for longer. Practise does help, happy sewing!!
    Smiles :)

  3. Congrats on the awesome finishes Heather. Hope Cara feels better soon.


  4. the hand made gifts are the best :) I still have mine from when mine were little ... well done on the finishes mouse xxxx
    ps hope the wee one feels better soon xx

  5. Nice finishes! I just picked up that Wear a Smile chart last weekend. :)

  6. Look like you had a lovely Mother's Day. I got some school-made biscuits and card from my younger son. Even better were the photos the school sent home showing him actually making the said items! You can tell when the TA has had a hand in the project, but these came from him.
    My older son bought a card but cartooned the inside for me.
    Great work on your two finishes, I love the Michael Powell design, I am sure it is in the booklet I have.
    I used to do a lot of RRs but stopped because of the time committments.

  7. Lovely stitching and what a sweet Mothers Day you had.

  8. Good for you for finishing off some projects with your new toy - they look lovely. Hope Cara is better now. :)