Saturday, 25 June 2016

Just a quickie!! ...

Hello to you all!

I hope everyone is well!  We have been super busy here as it is nearing the end of the school year for my kiddies!  They will have finished for the summer this Thursday,  It is Conor's final days at Primary school so things have been crazy!

Here he is showing off his new PE top for secondary school!!  (excuse the messy background!!)


The back of Conor!
I have managed to make a little bag/case and put a zip onto it ... well in a fashion lol 

A cute bag!
Cara wants me to make her a pencil case for school in September!!  That will be fun!!

I also have bags to make for Teacher gifts so I had better get my skates on as there only a few days left!!

Then when the summer starts we plan to sew and stitch the weeks away :D

Have a fun time crafting!
Bye for now
Love Me


  1. Love the bag! Conor already has his shirt for next fall?

  2. Lovely pink bag , what talent .
    Enjoy the holidays with the children , time goes so fast so enjoy every moment.

  3. Love the bag - putting in zippers still makes me cringe ;0)

  4. Oh the joy of sewing zippers to your creations!! ;) Great looking bag.

  5. My older son is at High School so no teacher gifts for him anymore. The younger one has had the same teacher two years on the trot and she got a stitched gift last year so maybe wine this year!
    Don't forget, teacher gifts count for GG if they are crafted.