Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Time is flying by!!

Hello there!!

Wow where have the weeks gone?  Not a bit of crafting done :(  I shall cross stitch tomorrow I think!! 

The kiddies are all off school now for the summer.  They are not back until September eeeek!!  The children came home with many awards :)  Katie has a fantastic poem written in her book!

Mark received a certificate for
100% attendance in the school year
Ryan with all his certificates
Conor and his leavers gift from
classroom assistance
Katie's 'Make Teacher Angry' poem

They have been busy playing out, at tennis or at Youth Club! Busy busy busy!!

It was my birthday a few weeks ago!  I had a great day :D As part of my birthday present off my mum she sent me my Grandmothers old thimbles!!  Totally fantastic :D  I am delighted!  

All of my presents
My Grandmothers thimbles
Lovely DVD's
Abby pinching my chocolate lol
Flowers off mum and dad
No other news really!!  I need to get some crafting done I think!  I have been too busy watch Tour de France and the Wimbledon ... thank goodness the football has finished haha!! Watching sports then catching up with my chores in the afternoon/evening!

I miss my routine haha

Bye for now


  1. Happy belated birthday! Those thimbles, flowers and chocolates are great! I can't believe that July is almost over already. I'm seeing 'back to school' commercials.

  2. Your children are fantastic, love all the awards and especially the poem. What wonderful children give them all a big hugs and kisses from me for doing such a great job at school. Happy Birthday, do love all your gifts. Enjoy the summer with your special angels. hugs Lynda Ruth

  3. What a great post about your children and all the lovely present you got. Happy Stitching ( whenever you find the time) Alice Margaux

  4. More sport on TV coming up with the Olympic Games! :)

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! Great presents, especially the vintage thimbles.
    I love your Daughter's menu, particularly the crime of "leaving your bag unzipped"! She's really put a lot of thought into how to annoy a teacher.

  6. Happy belated birthday! I'm so far behind reading posts....must be summer!

  7. Wonderful post, always good to see children happy about learning (hope you enjoyed your Birthday too!) Thanks...

  8. Lovely pieces you've made. And your kids are so cute in their school uniform, and you lot seemed to have a lovely Summer.