Thursday, 27 October 2016

Sewing fun!

Hello there to you all :D

I hope you are all well!  Today is the start of the kiddies Hallowe'en Holidays for the kiddies!

The last week or so we have been busy with our sewing machines :D

Katie made herself a fox bag using felt!  I must say she did a brilliant job!

Making her bag

The end result!
Katie is so pleased with herself and so she should be!

I have made myself a bag :D  The fabric was gorgeous to stitch on and I got it from Sewing-Online. Fantastic online shop with brilliant customer service!  I just loved this fabric and because I used most of it I ordered myself some more!!  Shhhh don't tell my bank manager lol :D

One side done

Finished bag
Lastly I made a doggie for Cara!!  She has been after me making her one for ages!!  So here he is ...

Doggie in the making

One happy Cara

One side of Doggie

The other side of the doggie
The girls went to school, yesterday, dressed up!!

Catty Cara

Devil Angel Katie
Have a great day ... Cara wants the computer lol ... poor me has to clean up :(  haha

Keep safe

Love and hugs Heather


  1. Katie's bag is fantastic! She did a great job. Love the Halloween costumes.

  2. Katie did a great job! Love the costumes and the doggie too!

  3. Lovely sewing , and what fun you are having with the family.

  4. Wow! What fun! And Katie did so great!