Saturday, 25 February 2017

I think I'm addicted ... More finishes!!

Good Evening everyone :D

Cara's topic at school at the moment is Houses and Homes, so I have made up a quilt block with a house on!  I shall make it into a hanger for her so she can take it into school on Monday!  

House Quilt Square 

This is a log cabin Quilt block!  I am being 'bossed' about by Katie as she now want a quilt made.  I just so happened to be watching a Melanie Ham video on You Tube when she came into my room! So of course she wants a Log Cabin Quilt.  This block was my practise!  

Log Cabin Quilt Square

This is a bag that I made as a belated present for Katie's friend!!  Katie made her some pompoms too! 

Bag for a gift &
Katie's pompoms
Thats all for now folks!

Have a great evening!

Love me



  1. I'm so pleased to see how crafty my friends are!!!! Great project finishes!

  2. Heather: Lovely quilt blocks, love the photo of Katie, her pom poms are so sweet, love the bag.