Sunday, 5 February 2017

Rainbow Quilt nearly finished!

Morning to you all!

The past few weeks I have been working on a lovely Rainbow Quilt for Cara! 

Rainbow Jelly Roll

Nearly got all the stripes on

Binding (edging) ready to sew on

All sewn on 
Now all I need to do it to hand stitch the binding to the back!!  That will take quite a few hours I think!!  I was working away at it last night and only got a very small part of it sewn.  The quilt will fit her single bed!!  So its quite a big project for me!  

Katie brought her homework book home the other day and I just love the No10!!

The girl knows me well!!

I have started off a sewing club at school!  The kiddies are delighted!!  We are making small decorative cushions 😍

Other than normal everyday things and my sewing that's all I have done the past few weeks!! 

Have fun, happy crafting
Love and hugs me



  1. It's going to be a beautiful rainbow quilt.

  2. The quilt is beautiful Heather.


  3. That quilt is just beautiful. I love all things rainbow too!

  4. Heather: My goodness what lovely colors for your quilt.