Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Sewing Finishes :D YIPEEEEE #Quilting #FunStuff

Good Afternoon!

Hope everyone is well and crafting away!

Cara's quilt is finished and she is totally delighted with it 😍
I must admit it turned out quite well for my first try at a single bed sized quilt 😃😀

Rainbow Quilt

Happy Girl

Lovely colours! 

SEW ... I have cut out pieces for my next quilting project.  This one is a little more involved than sewing stripes haha!! I will do this in between other projects.  I also want to get back to cross stitching as I've many projects unfinished!  

All ready to sew

Layout of the main blocks
For a bit of fun ...  the kiddies bus driver playfully skitted me that sewing is a woman's job ... I sewed him a tool belt so he can now do man jobs!!  hahaha!!  I even made him model it 😁

I didn't have fabric with buses on, so trains it was ... well they have wheels and move!!  Not much of a difference really lol

Tool Belt

Bus driver modelling it!!
Have a great day all!!

Bye for now
Love me