Wednesday, 25 July 2018

More Curtains ... Baby cot quilt ... Giveaway

Good Morning, afternoon or evening (depending on where you are in the world!!)

This week has been busy with the children being off school!  They have had fun playing out with friends or on Youth club trips!  These children have more of a social life than I do! 🤔

I have finished of the curtains for the nursery, ready for the arrive of grandbaby! 

I have to admit (brag!!) that the curtains match up perfectly! I am delighted 😀

Lovely Rainbow

Spotty Cot Quilt

Not sure if I ever mentioned my eldest daughter, Laura, is having a baby!  can you believe that it is only a few days short of their first wedding anniversary!!  Time flies hey!

Time does go fast ... time to make the most of time lol Flashing before my eyes!

DON'T FORGET MY GIVEAWAY ... See post below!!

Have fun, stay safe

Hugs Heather



  1. What an adorable set! Congrats on your upcoming family addition!

  2. Oh my gosh such lovely bright colors.


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