Tuesday, 3 July 2018

The Rainbow is finished!

Good Afternoon Everyone

I hope you are all well.  I have been busy as my kiddies have finished school (yes Northern Irish Schools finish at the end of June!!)

Poor children have 2 months of putting up with me hahaha

I have finally managed to finish my wee grandaughters curtains.  I am delighted with them ... and they line up AND are the same length haha!!  Miracles do happen!!

I now need to find something else to sew or stitch this week.  From Saturday its back to the good ol' cross stitch because Tour de France starts 😁

Conor, Katie and Cara wanted their hair groovy looking for the summer ... Why not ... you only live once!!

A few weeks ago we were baking cakes whilst listening to our favourite radio station. I sent in a request for a shout out. Anyway, Katie missed it ... so with the promise of chocolate cake she got another shout out haha

Here is the cake that Katie baked and decorated!!

It was an exciting day ... great fun driving 100 miles with a cake in the car hahaha!! 

Any ideas what I can sew?  Anyone want to give me a challenge?

Have a great evening, and happy 4th July to my USA friends

Hugs Heather



  1. Lovely post , love the girls hair .
    Have fun in the holidays.
    Maybe start Christmas stitching early .

    1. Thank u 😁 I was thinking the same about starting Christmas Sewing! Great minds think alike! First I got the 'job' of more curtains and a quilt haha ... then Christmas xxx

  2. I love those curtains so much! And their hair too.

    1. Thank u! Yes their hair 😁 A wee treat, it doesnt last long thank goodness otherwise Id be in trouble come the start of school lol