Saturday, 13 October 2018

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Good Afternoon all,

The last few weeks we have had a really good declutter of our home.  Along with a few room swaps!! 

All I can say is WOW!  I never thought this house could look so good.
(Its a very odd lay out as its spread over floor levels!!  Weird or what lol)

This weekend my kiddies are at their fathers, so I thought ... mmm sewing weekend will do me thank you!!  

But no, James and Naomi (James' girlfriend) are heading from Belfast to mine to finish off the rest of the rooms!!

Oh ooo ... my quiet weekend of sewing out the window, but ... they said they will do it!!

Naomi loves to clean and organise so she is in her element.  I love to sew ... so happy days for everyone!!

Anyway, the point of this post ... as I was sorting out my stuff that was still boxed up from moving house a while ago (this is a very small house and I have, sorry had, too much stuff there was no where to unpack it too!!)

My 80's bedroom

Penpal letters and
the keys to my very first car

James' card  from his Great-Grandma for starting school!
James is now 3rd year University!
A lovely keep sake to find!! 

Well I'd better start sewing before James and Naomi arrive, otherwise I might end up with a hoover in my hands and not a needle!!  I wouldn't mind but the house is gorgeously tidy ... I think its an excuse to check its still tidy haha!! lol

I am making a jacket for Naomi's stuffed toy sheep ... long story ... that a post in it's self!!  I shall write one later on! Oh maybe she misses Shauny the sheep, since he has been here all week!!

Have a great weekend all

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  1. Ha, hope you get some sewing done .
    It always happens to me , I think oh I will stitch today.

    Then something or some one turns up, have fun.

  2. Heather: Sometimes plans just need to go by the wayside.
    It is nice they are coming to help.
    I have been de-cluttering myself, a couple times a week I get rid of clothing I do not wear anymore.
    Happy sewing to you before they arrive.


  3. very beautiful and so lovely work :) i like your good idea ,Thanks for the inspiration!