Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Happy New Year to you all! I've got off to a great start 😁

Hello and welcome to 2019!
(well a week after it started!!)

I hope you are all well! So far so good here!

On New Years Eve I made this cute Penguin! He is from #sewasoftie by colouredbuttons on Instagram.

Percy Penguin

We decided to get a puzzle, cos we love jigsaws!! This one is so me and my craft room!! Great fun watching it come together!!!

Then .... drum roll ....

I have a new website ...


Ive done some cross stitch!!!

Katie made some groovy crafts!

Finally, Katie went for a look around the secondary school she will start in September ... lookie what she found there!! 😁

So far a great start to 2019!

I hope you are fit and well.
Hugs Heather


  1. Happy new year Heather! Great crafty start to the new year! I'm working on a time consuming but very cool bead embroidery. It's going to be epic when it's done.

  2. Happy New Year Heather ,always love coming over to your blog .
    Always full of lovely wonder's .

  3. Great start for the new year! I just finished The Cake Shed and have some more of these Shed puzzles in my puzzle pile!

  4. Heather: What fun for Katie to finish the crafts, they are adorable.
    I love puzzles, I do the ones on MSN site.
    I shall visit your new blog.