Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New year to you all

Have a brilliant 2011 and I hope all your dreams and wishes come very true!

My aim for 2011 is to complete my Stitch a Photo (black and white version) by July, which is the anniversary of her death and also to have at least a few more stitches in my Heaven and Earth Design - Fireside Fairytales!!

I have a wish list of 12 'items' I wish to stitch/make all for myself!!  One a month so this will be a nice break from big projects!

Ruth is also running a challenge for 2011 'Basket of Biscornus' - stitch one biscornu a month then when Decembers Biscornu done they all go into a basket.

Also in my aimes for 2011 is to stitch some nice ornaments such a biscornus, humbugs etc for my Christmas tree for 2011!  I had a humbug on my tree this year, it was a gift, and the humbug looked so grand on my tree!!

Oh yes and to get the hang of my sewing machine that I bought this year and the poor little thing has only been out of the box once!!!  Maybe a bit of knitting too!

Lots of things planned ....  Lets hope they all get completed!

Happy New Year to you all :-)

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Fireside Fairytales at the end of 29th December

Just over 4,400 stitches stitched... oh wow!!

I had a wonderful day of stitching yesterday!  I am now well over half way down the first page and i am delighted!  I am hoping that by the end of the first week of January I will have completed all of page 1 and getting ready to start page 2!  I wonder if that will happen!!

If I don't see you before, Happy New year and Happy stitching to you all xxxx

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Fireside Fairytales as at 26 December 2010

I hope to get another row done by the end of the week!!

My Christmas Present from my son James

He is just wonderful ... James and Winnie the pooh! lol
What a wonderful surprise!  James had a little trouble getting his eyes right so he is letting me do the French knots, so Once I have done them i will frame Pooh bear!  What a treasure forever!!

Thank you James xxxxx

Monday, 13 December 2010

My stitching for the last week or so and over the last weekend

I have been quite busy with family the last few weeks because 5 of my children caught the chicken pox!  Oh how nice of them!  Since they have been feeling rotten and maybe just watching TV or the likes I have managed some stitching.

Over the last weekend I started my Grandma's stitch a photo again but this time in black and white.  So far she looks good but still not too sure on the eyes but time will tell.  I decided to start in the middle of the chart rather than working from her hair downwards just in case her face looked strange like it did in the colour stitching!
My Grandma in Black and White

The Fireside Fairytale so far ... approx 2100 stitches done already!  Oh wow weeeeee!!!

My Heaven and Earth Fireside Fairytales so far
A wonderful Biscornu ....

I stitched 2 Christmas hangers.  The Angel is backed with cardboard using eyelets and ribbon.  The putting together for both hangers was done by my lovely Hubby.

Angel Hanger

This hanger was put together using a card!!  Looks great even if I do say so myself!

Snowman Hanger

During the past week or so I also did a RR or two!!  I am once again upto date with my RR's so I can plod on with Fireside.

Lucie's Celtic RR

Christmas RR
The plan for today is to do approx 500 stitches on my Fireside .... they are all black stitches and I don't need to look at the chart because I am finishing off the box that my thread is hanging out of than box next to it!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The days ahead

I hope to stitch a few things for Christmas but time is running out for me and I have a RR to stitch now and get posted out as soon as possible.

If I don't have time for Christmas things, always on the last minute as usual, I will get back to Fireside Fairytales!

A wonderful surprise gift

Thank you so very much Wendy. xxxxx  Such a lovely surprise this morning in the post.

I have received many lovely gifts in the post this year ... I might just have a few things up my sleeve for next year : -)

Christmas stitching

Christmas goodies received and sent in Christmas Exchanges ....

My hanger stitched for me by Ruth.  I am delighted!  Thank you Ruth xxx

The hanger I stitched for my partner

The goodies I sent in the GOF exchange

I received a humbug and goodies from my partner.  I am delighted

Friday, 19 November 2010

Weekend of 19th November - 21st November 2010

This weekend I aim to stitch More of Fireside Fairytales. I have just over 800 stitches completed.  Each red box holds 400 teeny tiny stitches so I aim to complete a minimum of 2 red boxes and a maximum of 4 red boxes (1,600 stitches) ... I wonder if i can?

At the start of a good stitching session (19th November)

Fireside Fairytales at the moment.  I hope to get back to it this weekend.  Just a few things I need to do first!

Just over 1600 stitches done and 2 threads parked!  I have not touched Fireside for over a week and now for the life of me cannot remember what colours I parked ... no parking for me I think!!

Dictionary of Homes RR

In just over 24 hours of receiving I have stitched and posted on ...

I love cuckoo clocks!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Fireside Fairytales Started

I finally started the Heaven and Earth design Fireside Fairytails.

I have so far done about 450 stitches ... not many to go to complete then!!  It looks like I have stitched a lot of the design until I hold the fabric up and see about 22 inches of fabric underneath which needs to be stitched on!  The design is 18 inches by 23 1/2 inches so yes there is still a good few stitches left to do!

So far I have had 3 colour changes in the design!

Not bad after one day of stitching.  It did take me a while to get the hang of the tiny stitches ....

Before starting to stitch on the 17 November 2010

Friday, 12 November 2010

Seasons Biscornu Exchange

Ruth organised a seasons biscornu exchange on OM and this is what I made for my partner and she loves it!

This is the Biscornu I received from my partner.  I totally love it, as do my children!!  I must put it up high so the kiddies do not wonder off with it!!

Thank you Ruth for all your organising of exchanges!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

For My Children

I have promised for many months to stitch things for my children but I was so snowed under with Round Robins and exchanges that I just did not have time. Now I am all caught up, for the moment, I have actually started on the children's gifts!!  Yahoooooo!!

Mickey Mouse Ornie for Katie

Sheep biscornu for Conor.

Thomas Ornie for Mark

Ryan's Biscornu.  He is delighted!

Still have Cara's Ornie to do and the children will have a nice stitched piece each.  Now I am just waiting for the 2 eldest kiddies to ask for something!

Monday, 1 November 2010

The weekends stitching

I spent a wonderful weekend stitching away the hours.  I had my seasons biscornu and OM Christmas Hanger to complete and the OM 1st Anniversary exchange to put together.  I have now completed all the OM exchanges for this year and I am delighted because I am one step closer to stitching my own projects.

Since what I stitched at the weekend is for exchanges I cannot show you a photo because that will spoil the surprise for my partners!

Happy stitching all

Halloween Exchanges

I just really really love exchanges ....

On OM we do a number of Exchanges and this is what I sent to my exchange partner ...

This is what I received ... thank you sooooo very much, I love my pressie!

I also did an exchange with my my friend.  This what I sent to her.

This is my exchange that I received from my lovely friend

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Current project

Well ... when I get off the computer that is!

The plan is to do Golfing Chick by Valerie Pfeiffer ... this is the kit image of what I am stitching ... so far I have blank aida!!

Progress after 1 evening of stitching

The Finished framed stitching

Birthday Thread Exchange 2010

Oh what a great birthday

Thank you to my wonderful and beautiful friends

Gifts for Friends

For a wonderful woman, teacher and brilliant friend ...
Wedding Anniversary gift

Oh so true!

Fireside Fairytales

This design is by artist Randal Spangler.  This fabulous piece of artwork has been converted into a Heaven and Earth Design (HAED).

There are 256,050 stitches in total in the design!

Fireside Fairytales will be the biggest project I have ever taken on.  Not only with size but also the fact that the design is to be stitched on 25 count evenweave.  I have a smaller piece of fabric so i will practise first before putting needle to fabric on the 'real thing'.

Round Robin and gift stitching for myself and family

This is my very first ever cross stitch.
I'd never heard of cross stitch until I saw this kit 
and I have not stopped stitching since!

My second project and I am so proud of this!
For James
For Tony

On my RR

A birdie RR being done on OM.
This RR is being given to hubby when completed.
Thank you ladies for stitching on the RR xxxx

Scotsman on my RR
For us

For Katie, as nuts on Pooh Bear as I am!

For Laura

on one of my RR's
For my Mums 60th Birthday
For my sister's 40th

For my mum

On my RR