Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Current project

Well ... when I get off the computer that is!

The plan is to do Golfing Chick by Valerie Pfeiffer ... this is the kit image of what I am stitching ... so far I have blank aida!!

Progress after 1 evening of stitching

The Finished framed stitching

Birthday Thread Exchange 2010

Oh what a great birthday

Thank you to my wonderful and beautiful friends

Gifts for Friends

For a wonderful woman, teacher and brilliant friend ...
Wedding Anniversary gift

Oh so true!

Fireside Fairytales

This design is by artist Randal Spangler.  This fabulous piece of artwork has been converted into a Heaven and Earth Design (HAED).

There are 256,050 stitches in total in the design!

Fireside Fairytales will be the biggest project I have ever taken on.  Not only with size but also the fact that the design is to be stitched on 25 count evenweave.  I have a smaller piece of fabric so i will practise first before putting needle to fabric on the 'real thing'.

Round Robin and gift stitching for myself and family

This is my very first ever cross stitch.
I'd never heard of cross stitch until I saw this kit 
and I have not stopped stitching since!

My second project and I am so proud of this!
For James
For Tony

On my RR

A birdie RR being done on OM.
This RR is being given to hubby when completed.
Thank you ladies for stitching on the RR xxxx

Scotsman on my RR
For us

For Katie, as nuts on Pooh Bear as I am!

For Laura

on one of my RR's
For my Mums 60th Birthday
For my sister's 40th

For my mum

On my RR

Stitching I have done for Round Robins and Exchanges

Sitting here sorting through my photos I have really realised just how mush I have stitched for others in Round Robins (RR) and just how little I have stitched for family let alone myself!

Here are just a few of the RR's or Exchange stitching I have done ...  After 2 years of RR's and exchanges I have stitched so much it would be impossible to show you all the pictures.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Stitch-a-photo ... My Grandma (UPDATED)

This is the photo I am stitching.  My Grandma passed away on 9th July 2002.
My aim is to complete this by 9th July 2011, which is also the day of my 40th Birthday.

This is my stitching so far.  It is not much but it has taken me hours and hours and even more hours!

I spent last Sunday (14th November) stitching more of the Stitch-a-photo but I really do not like the colours that are used for her skin tone.  They are bright pinks and deep reds that really do not suit.  Also my Grandma's glasses where gold rimmed but the chart had red and pink toes for the frame.  So much of the same colours and they do not blend to well.  I will carry on with it just in case once it is a little more compete it shades look a lot better.

I have a black and white chart of the same photo so will stitch this chart as well and see what it starts to look like.  

This is what I have completed so far ... 

My children

Mark graduating from nursery 2010
My Fab 7

All about Heather ...

This is my first ever blog and I am very excited about it all!  I am forever chatting on the Openminders forum that I am Admin and half creator of, plus I chat all day to my nutty friends who keep me on my toes (most of the time!) so I hope I can be as chatty and crazy here too!

My passion is stitching and I have been a cross stitcher since 2000 and I just love it!

As the Round Robins are coming to an end my aim to is continue with the Stitch-a-photo of my dearly departed Grandma. I started this big project a long time ago.  Along side the stitch-a-photo of Grandma I am also going to start a Heaven and Earth design called Fireside Fairytales and the artist is Randal Spangler.