Monday, 31 January 2011

Going bananas

I love the colour yellow and my friends call me nana (short for banana!!)
So, I just had to stitch a banana and I must say it looks a little like me!

I was once again very brave and stitched my banana on evenweave.  I am definitely getting the hang of it ... I hope!

Now I know I am an addict

Oh yes more mini Biscornus have been produced.

I made 1 each for Ruth's 7 children and one for my friend Jan.  I was a chicken this time and made then on aida!

For Ruth's 7

For Jan

Think I am an addict & Nutters R Us

More mini biscornus ...

I did these 3 little cuties on evenweave and totally enjoyed working on the evenweave.
I think it is because the projects were nice and small.  I have tried evenweave before and gave up!

I made these as gifts for Tricia, Lucie and Ruth.  I really enjoyed giving them to the girlies at Ruth's house the other weekend or as we called it ... Nutters Weekend!  I really enjoyed my time with the girlies and cannot wait for our next meeting.

Red for Ruth, Pink for Lucie and green for Tricia

A Sock Monkey made during nutters weekend
and he now guards my basket of Biscornus

My wonderful gift from Tricia

Lucie             Me               Ruth          Tricia 

Such a wonderful day at Ruth's!  Thank you so very much girls, Ruth's hubby and children xxxx

Sunday, 23 January 2011

6 Mini Biscornus

I made 5 more for my Kiddies and they love them.  They are just so cute - the kiddies and the biscornus!!

I also made 3 more but I used evenweave fabric!  By the time I got to the 3rd one I was flying with the stitching on evenweave and think I could handle it well with stitching something a little bigger!  The one thing I did not like was how much it frayed!

I am sure I will get use to it and my HAED is stitched on 25 count so using 28 count evenweave is only just a little smaller count!

My next task with the mini Biscornu's is to make 7 more for Ruth's kiddies because they saw their mummy's one and wanted one of their own too!!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Mini Biscornu

I just love this!  Its so tiny!  21 by 21 stitches square.

What a cutie and now my kiddies want one each so I am in the process of stitching the patterns out and then I will have a great big 'putting together' session later on this afternoon!

With the 5p next to the mini biscornu, you can just how mini the biscornu is.  Teeny Tiny!

Dad's present

My dad is a big golfer and loves hitting a few round down at the golf club with his friends!  I think he likes the 19th hole too!!

I am very sure he will be delighted with his present!

Dictionary of Homes Round Robin

This another one in the Dictionary of Homes RR that I am in on the Openminders forum.
I have just 2 more to stitch on then I will be getting my own one back!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Fireside Fairytales as at 11 January 2011

The story so far ...

I wonder how many stitches I now have .... I must count .... 1,2,3 ROFL

There are 12 boxes complete and each box has 400 stitches in so that makes 4,800 stitches.
In the incomplete boxes, at a rough guess, there is about 200 stitches in total.  
This make an approximate whopping 5,000 stitches so far!!  Wow weeeeeeee :-)

My dad's birthday stitch so far

With luck and a lot of stitching I aim to have this finished in a few days then get it posted to Dad for his Birthday which was a few weeks ago - oh what a naughty daughter I am!!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Present for my dad's birthday!

His birthday was a week or so ago now and I have only just got around to stitching this for my dad!!

It is a golfing Kit by 'Just a Moment'.  I know he will love it!!  I hope to finish by the end of the weekend!!

My List of 12 ....

The idea behind this is to stitch/make something new each month.  Here is my list of 12 but will not stitch in this order.  Will stitch what takes my fancy!!

Pincushion - Completed
Humbug - Completed
3D House
Biscobud -Completed
Owl Mobile (cross Stitcher mag)
Mr and Mrs Santa Hanging ornies
Scissor Fob
3D Christmas tree 

For January I made myself a pin cushion.

Front of the pin cushion

Back of the pin cushion