Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Update of stitching from the last 4 weeks

Hello everyone!

Here is my stitching progress from the last 4 weeks.  I was busy getting ready for my holiday to mum and dads in England.  Whilst there I was quite busy and when I did start to stitch it wasn't long before I was off doing something else!  Now I am back home I have got myself into the swing of stitching and will start making regular updates to my blog again.  Looking forward to getting 'back to normal' :-)
(not sure normal would be a word used for me!!)

This is Sweet Treats by Country Cottage.  There are 6 designs in total which will be stitched on the same fabric then a boarder stitched around them all.  These charts use only Crescent Threads which is a sweet treat for me as I love the Crescent threads!  I am really looking forward to getting stuck into another one.  I still need to stitch the buttons on as each design has its own special little buttons.

Sweet Treats by Country Cottage Designs

Joy to the World a Little House Needleworks Ornie is now complete.  I stitched this during a Friday Night SAL.  I now have to decide what one to start this Friday.  I have plenty to choose from so I am totally spoilt for choice!

LHN Ornie Joy To The World

This piece is Liberty Lane by Country Cottage Needleworks.  Liberty Lane is another SAL which is done on a Saturday night.  I am a little behind Lucie but that was because I was 'annoying' my family in England at the time. lol :-)  I hope to be back on track and ready to start another Saturday SAL in a week or so!

Liberty Lane by CCN
Last, what a lovely surprise in the post from my friend Jenny.  I love surprises in the post and my ornie really cheered me up!  It is now hanging around my 'fireplace' with the rest of my ornies and mix of stitched goodies.

Thank you Jenny xxx
I think this is all I have for now.  I hope to have lots more to show you over the coming weeks.  I have lots of new charts to start and I am re-starting my HAED.  Now there are no RR's at all I can decide what I am stitching during the week then have Friday, Saturday and Sunday joining in the SALs.  

Happy Stitching everyone and keep safe and well.