Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Just had to share

Good Morning all,

Just had to share the wonderful things that went on in our house this morning!

First of all James (16) came down stairs with a not that he found in his English Lit books.  The note was from his teacher wishing him the best of luck for his exams.  I thought that was a lovely touch and it actually brought tears to my eyes.  James is chuffed and we have the note on the fridge now as a good luck charm for his exams.  His first GCSE exam is this afternoon ... fingers crossed!

Then the post came ....

From my mum for me

Do you think this is a hint to keep in touch more often lol!  Mum knows me so well because I adore note paper.  I use to have many pen pals when I was younger.  I really miss writing, sending and receiving letters.

James got this in the post ....


Yes he got a block of cheese lol :-)  maybe mum thinks he is a mouse ha ha!

Well better get on with housework and looking after kiddies, Ryan (8) is off school today as he is not well.  Laura (22) has gone for a haircut.  Cara is watching Mickey Mouse on TV.

Laura and James

Here is a little picture of M'Ladys Strawberries that I am going to get finished very soon (I hope lol!)

Sorry the photo quality might not be fantastic as I have emailed them to my inbox from my phone!

Have a great day all.  Talk to you all very soon :-)

Love me xxxxx

Monday, 14 May 2012

School Summer Fete

Hello all,

What a great time at the summer Fete!

Brilliant fun and the kiddies just had a great afternoon out.  It was wet but we enjoyed it all the same.

Summer Fete Stitching 2012

Most of the things I stitched sold so I am over the moon!!

Katie with her face painted at the Summer Fete

Mark and a very big ice-cream at the Summer Fete
Mark looks like he should be a 'mad professor' looking over the top of his glasses!!

My other 2 boys were here there and everywhere that I never got a chance to take a photo lol

At the moment I am planning what to get stitching.  I think I will finish off 2 of my WIP's and then do some nice Margaret Sherry designs or Lizzie Kate.  I am having a look on the internet fr some nice charts and threads whilst trying to decide what to do.  If I do Margaret Sherry I will have to sort out my DMC threads... My totally adorable near 2 year old Cara has taken a shine to them lol!  Oooo maybe I might have to ask if I can use them ha ha!

Cara, my thread keeper :-)
I have a few bits of paperwork etc to sort out this week then I am all set to get back to a little stitching!  (shhh I didn't say that, probably jinxed myself now!!)

Fingers crossed for my eldest son, James, who has his first GCSE tomorrow afternoon.  I don't know who is more nervous me or him!

Happy crafting and see you all very soon

Love me xxxxx

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

News from my corner of the world

Hello fellow bloggers

News from my corner of the world is that my husband and I split last week.  I am now a single mother of  7 children, well I say children but my eldest girl, Laura, is 22 and my eldest boy, James, is 16.  The 5 youngest are from this marriage but even so all 7 children are at home.  Thank goodness Laura is here as she is my rock!

So my stitching time is totally cut to next to nothing at the moment but the children are far more important.  I have put my HAED's away for now and hope that they do get finished this life time lol!

I am going to solider on with my Fairy Grandmother and Charlie Bear SAL as and when I can.  I have a few of my UFO's out to finish as and when I can.  I hope to keep blogging even if it is about life more so than stitching!

On that stitching front I do have a few things to sell at the School Summer Fete this weekend.  I will post a photo asap.

My plan of action is to finish of M'Ladys Strawberries that I started last June lol! It should have taken me a few days to stitch this chart but yet nearly a year later .....  Then onto the fishing stitch I also started towards the end of last summer.  The idea is to get the smaller pieces I started finished and maybe do a few smaller kits for now.  Life without stitching is a little sad!  Life without him is good ha ha!!

I have spent the last week clearing out jumk and rubbish then having a small re-arrange of the house.  So when all that is complete I might get some stitching into the day.  Time will tell, but like I say there are more important things at the moment but stitching will always be there!

Bye for now
Keep up the good work, I'll be looking lol

Lots of love