Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A finish and a little bit more

Good Evening all,

Hope you are all well!  I have had a busy few weeks with the kiddies.  They have also enjoyed the Summer Scheme.  Brilliant fun for them all.  I just hope the weather improves so we can get out and about for the last few weeks of the holidays.

I finally finished 'Gone Fishing' whooooop!

Gone Fishing

I have started a baby sampler for one of the teachers in the Nursery that Katie went too.  A very good friend of mine is also having a baby so must get a little something done for her and baby too :-)

I have made a very small dent in HAED Universe in a Jar .... I mean a small dent but it is about 800 stitches lol!  Just a few million trillion to go!!!

Universe in a Jar
Rainbow of threads for
Universe in a Jar

My daughter and her boyfriend got engaged on Sunday.  Totally delighted for them both!  I suppose I had better get an engagement sampler sorted out!!

Until next time.... all be good and happy crafting

Love Heather

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Prize Winning Stitching :-)

Good Evening Bloggers

Yesterday I took my completed Biscobud (photo below) to the Omagh Show and entered it into the Cross Stitch (Home Industries) section.

Complete Biscobud
And my Biscobud won FIRST PRIZE!!!!  I am so delighted particually because I stitched the 2 squares for the Biscobud about a year ago and only stitched it together last week! :-)

My Prize winning Biscobud

I have a fantastic spring in my step now and I feel my stitching bug coming back!! I did stitch a little on my Universe in a Jar HAED the other night and I could feel that itchy stitching finger feeling coming back and I was ready for a mega session lol!

So you never know what happens when you enter a show .... get entering!  I know how good it is to have a FIRST PRIZE next to something created with hours of love!!

Happy Stitching and Crafting

Love to all

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Photo Time :-)

Here are some photos that I promised to post.

This Photo I totally love!  One of the best school photos I have of 4 of the children.  Just FANTASTIC! :-)

(L-R) Katie, Mark, Conor and Ryan

Katie's Graduation from Nursery
(L-R) Mark, Conor and Ryan enrolled in Summer Scheme
Oh so Proud of you Ryan for getting your Riddle chosen and published in a book!
For Katie's Nursery Teachers.
I didn't have time to make for all the teachers so I had to buy gifts
.... start stitching earlier for next year I think
Finally finished M'Ladys Strawberries!!!
Only took a year on and off lol :-)
And Finally ....

Finally got around to stitching up my Biscobud that I started last summer (ish)
Will post a photo when i'm done.