Sunday, 30 September 2012

Such a long time

Hello bloggers!

I haven't been here for soooooo long!!  Sorry about that but my internet was cut off by my soon to be Ex but now all back up and running (with a much better package deal lol!!)

So here are a few pictures of our antics over the last few weeks!!

I haven't stitched much as there was far too much going on.  Katie (now 5) started school 2 weeks ago and had shorter hours than the normal day but from tomorrow she is in full time so much more time for stitching for me!!

Katie's 1st day at school.
She looks lovely in her new uniform :-)
The children all waiting for the school bus!  Katie decided that she wanted to go on the bus from just the second day of starting year one!  Little miss independent lol

Ryan, Mark, Conor and Katie waiting for the bus
 Ryan has had a riddle published in a book

James received a medal from his school.  James is totally delighted!!

and last but no way least yesterday Conor gained his Yellow Belt in Karate :-)

Well Done Conor
Now, as per the instruction of Conor, I have another Margaret Sherry 'Karate Dog' to do wearing a Yellow Belt:-)

I am in the middle of cooking a roast dinner at the moment.  More from me later on with the updates of my little bits of stitching I have done.

Happy blogging and Happy Sunday all

Love me xxxx