Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Weekend of stitching

Hello there!

What a lovely weekend of stitching I had.  I got the biscobud for a birthday present finished and lots done on my Fairy Grandmother by Lavender and Lace.  Delighted with myself.

Lovely red and green and metallic red hearts biscobud

Birthday Biscobud

I feel like I have made fantastic progress on Fairy Grandmother.  She looks yummy!  I have done quite a bit on her face but the stitches are teeny tiny and I can do about an hour at a time.  The detail is brilliant and i am glad I decided to stitch her face 1 over 1 on the 32 count rather than 2 over 2 with backstitch.  The time and eye strain will be well worth it lol :-)

Fairy Grandmother at the end of 22nd October

Now to stitch a biscornu that a friend has ask for .... Think I could make a business out of the ornies I make lol

Happy stitching and crafting all.

Giveaway for blogoversary coming ASAP :-)

Love me xxxxxx

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Update + Giveaway + Hermit weekend

Hello readers

I have spent yesterday and this evening finishing the stitching and beading on a biscobud so this evening I could start putting it together.

I love the colours in this piece.  Most of the colour should have been Gold Metallic thread but I changed to green with read beads. There is also a lovely red tassel in the center of the beads on the larger square.

Really have enjoyed stitching this design

Before putting the biscobud together and tassel on

This weekend I am childless, well my 2 big adult children will be about but they are under strict instructions to look after themselves lol!  Me .... well I am having a weekend of stitching and nothing else!  Pizza will be ordered in and thats about the height of cooking for the weekend!!!

Over the next day or go I will be doing a giveaway on my blog.  The anniversary of my blog is here in a few days and it will 2 years of blogging and chatting so this is something worth shouting about (I hope!!).

As a thank you to all my readers I thought a giveaway would nice so please spread the word and watch over the next few days for the posting.

Well I am off to bed, early start in the morning then from 2pm I will be in my stitching corner and I shall not be moved until Sunday Evening .... ooooooo bliss!

Night all

Lots of love and hugs

Me xxxxxxx

Monday, 15 October 2012

Hermit weekend ....

Hermit weekend this weekend from 19th October - 21st October 2012

Thoughts and Musings

Check out the blog and if you can join in add your name to the list!

Hope to see you there


Old Stitcher ....


** Happy Dance**  ** Happy Dance**  ** Happy Dance**  

Oh this stitcher is 'cooking with gas' on the good ol' stitching front :-) lol

I am really made up with my finish and I already have my stitching at the framers!!

Cannot wait to get her back from the framers and up on my wall.

When at the craft club on Friday a few people asked me to make them a biscornu so yes I now have a couple of them to stitch and make up.  Really delighted that people like them and will use them :-)

I also have a coupe of birthday presents to make up.  Busy Busy Busy which is what I like.

Hope everyone is well today and you all had a good weekend.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Weekend of stitching and reading :-)

Hello to you all

This weekend was an odd quiet weekend.  My children went to stay with their father from 2pm on Saturday.  So by he time I had collected James from his school camping trip and got myself settled back at home I stitched and read the weekend away :-)

Back Packer James
I have spent about a week on this so far with the majority of the stitching done during Craft Club.  We have moved our location of the Craft Club to a local Coffee Cafe/Bar/Nightclub venue.  Don't worry only coffee served at the time the craft Club is going on but I don't drink anyway so I'm fine with my caffeine fix lol!!  I did some over the weekend but I enjoyed relaxing and reading and chatting to Laura, James and friends :-)

Old Stitchers by Just A Moment
I think this will look like when Im finished lol
Now then .... my love for reading and my friends love for reading has inspired us to set up a Book Club.  It took a while to decide on the first book to read but finally the decision was made and we chose ....

Brilliant Read

I am half way through and I would recommend this book to everyone!!  Totally brilliant, witty and funny.

Well this morning I am going to get some pen-pal letters written as I haven't done any for a while.  So much going on here but now all is back to normal and lots of time for 'me' things :-)

Have a great day everyone


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

**A little bit of stitching**

Finally a quick update of my stitching.  Now things have settled and kiddies back at school 9am-3pm I can get stuck in and my stitchy bug is itching to go now which has delighted me so much!!

A ladybird motif stitched on a t-shirt for Cara :-)
The labybird is 'Gaston' from Ben and Hollys Little Kingdom
Cara is delighted.  Must take a photo of her in it.

A lovely sparkly biscobud in the making for a very dear friend of mine.
I need to make one each for both my bestest friends in the whole wide world!
They wanted one after I won first prize in the Omagh show with a biscobud
For a wonderful friends lovely new baby girl
Old Stitchers by Just A Moment
I hope to have this finihsed by the end of the week.
Progress photo tomorrow :-)