Wednesday, 30 January 2013

GIVEAWAY Little House Needleworks and Country Cottage Needleworks Charts ...


I hope you enjoy this Giveaway!!

I will be away from my blog a little over the next week as I have lots of things to do and arrange and sort out.

Plus the stitching I am doing I cant show you as its for an exchange so I thought a lovely Giveaway of lovely charts would be lovely!!  So Id say its all lovely lol :-)

To enter my Little House Needleworks and Country Cottage Needleworks Giveaway all you need to do is:-

1) Be a follower or new follower of my blog ... New or already following

2) post the give-away and link to my blog on your own blog

3) Leave a comment on this post so I know you wish to enter


The draw for the winner will take place on 12th February 2013

Good Luck everyone

Pirates Life - Country Cottage Needleworks
Thread Gathering - Little House Needleworks
Snow In Love - Little House Needleworks
Pie Menu - Country Cottage Needleworks
Sheep In Meadow - Country Cottage Needleworks
M'Ladys Strawberries - Little House Needleworks

Coming up later .... EXCITING!!!!

Is A Giveaway of 

Little House Needleworks 


Country Cottage Needleworks 

charts ...

I will put the Giveaway up when I can get on a computer ... using Kindle Fire HD is tricky as I keep touching the wrong things and it takes me ages lol

Kids on Computers at the moment and since they are not well I cant kick them off lol.... Ryan has now joined the Sick People Pile!!  Ahhh thats 3 off school now and Cara has had an iffy belly all night so she is not too happy!

I am stitching away at an exchange so I wont have any stitching to show you until I'm allowed too once the person I'm sending to has received my parcel SO I thought I would do a giveaway instead lol!!

It shall be on later on this evening ... about 9pm or 10pm UK time So watch this space :-)

Bye for now

Love me xxxx

Monday, 28 January 2013

What a Day!!

Good Evening all,

Well, last night my 5 younger ones came home from their fathers after their once night a fortnight sleep over ... Conor didn't really want to go as he wasn't well but he went anyway and came home still feeling unwell. His temperature was 102°F when he came home.

Mark came back sounding and looking awful!!

He was not at all well last night. Temp of 103°F Grrrr :-(

Both Conor and Mark have been off school today.  Mark will probably be off all week but Conor has already been off since Thursday so will have to see how he goes!

Both came home with a rash too :-(

Took them to the Dr's this afternoon and they both have a virus with a viral rash.  I wonder how long it will be before the other catch the bug?

The bug is going around school and just under half of Conors class was in the other day ... shocking how quick these things spread!

Plus Cara has come out in eczema around her mouth so she is not impressed at all!!

So needless to say I have got nothing stitched today but I really don't mind!

Well I'm off to bed as I'm shattered!!

Night night all

Love me

Sunday, 27 January 2013

SAL - Air Goddess Progress

Good Afternoon friends :-)

I hope you all are having a good weekend.  I have a few hours before the kiddies are home so I thought I would update my blog with my Saturday Stitching on Air Goddess by Joan Elliott.

I have started in the middle of the chart (as suggested for most Cross Stitched charts) but I hate working up the fabric so I will slowly work my way up to the top of the design then work my way down.

I don't know about you but for me I find my stitching just goes all lumpy bumpy working my way up the design lol!!  I normally work out how far up from the middle the top is and start there but I didn't want to make a mess on this lovely piece so I did it 'right' for a change lol :-)

Air Goddess By Joan Elliott
Progress after one evening of stitching

How much stitching did you get done this weekend?  Loads and loads I hope xxx

I got a little done, not as much I had hoped, but I am delighted just the same.  Tried to stitch on her this morning but the daylight is rubbish as its so dark outside and its pouring with rain.  

So I have put her away and will crack on with my Winter Exchange for Stitched With Love Exchange Blog .... oh I've just spotted a Spring Exchange on there!!!!  

Have a wonderful day all

Love me 

Saturday, 26 January 2013

SAL progress

Hello all!

How's your stitching coming along?

I started Air Goddess last night. Just a small start but it's a start all the same!

Will post a photo later on when I've done a bit more lol

Kids go away in an hour for an over night stay so I've plenty of time to stitch :-)

I've beef roasting in the slow cooker mmmm house smells good enough to eat too lol

Have a good day all

Love me

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Would you like ....

To Join ...

A Stitch-A-long (SAL) this weekend with me?

Friday through to Sunday
25th - 27th January

This weekend I plan on stitching as much as I can.  My 5 younger kiddies are away and I love to spend this time 'just for me'!!

It does not matter if you have 5 minutes or all day everyday for the 3 days .... its the joining in that counts!!

I will be doing my Air Goddess Fairy by Joan Elliott.

What will you be stitching?

Hope you can join in.

If you wish to just leave a comment and your blog address then we can have a look at your progress photos!!  OOOO that would be lovely plus get visitors and maybe new followers to our blogs.

If successful I could always run a lovely SAL every Fortnight :-)

Have a great evening all.

Happy Stitching

Lots of love


oooo yummy threads

Wish this was my stash!!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Time to make progress

Hello All

The other evening I spent hours sorting and putting away my threads that I had out loose.  Terrible trying to find a thread and it not in my boxes so I printed off a 'DMC Shoppers checklist' of all the threads and marked off what I had and what was missing.  I have all the DMC range which I have collected over the years so when I want a thread I know it should be ... somewhere!!!

Here is the link in case anyone wants a list too!!  DMC Shoppers Checklist

Yesterday evening I had a sort out of on going projects and came across one I had totally forgotten about!!  I really need to make a full and detailed list of all projects I have started.

Whilst having a rummage through my stuff I came across this one

Stitchy Sampler from a
Cross Stiching magazine

My son Ryan challenged me to stitch this a while ago.  he gave me a weekend to do it but unfortunately something else came up so I never got chance or time to sit and stitch it. So I think I will stitch as much as I can until this weekend.

The children are away this weekend so I hope to have received my threads for Air Goddess by then and I will spend the whole weekend stitching my big heart out!!

I hope my thread order comes because it has the stuff I need for the Winter Exchange over on the Stitched With Love Exchanges blog  Cutting it fine if my parcel does not arrive on time for me to sort out what I am making and sending to my partner.

Well I had better make a move and get on with some Stitching.

Have a great day all

Love me

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Photo Finish ...Hermitting and Joan Elliott

Good Evening my friends!

Yay I finally got to my computer lol

This is what I spent my hermit weekend stitching :-)

Here are my lovely cutie Hedgehogs :-)

Crossword Hedgehogs
Finished 19 January 2013

Designed by Margaret Sherry
Stitched on 14 count Aida with DMC threads

I spent ages sorting my boxes of threads out as I could not find threads I wanted and snowed under in threads I've not used much lol!!

I cant find a few colours I need for Air Goddess and other bobbins have little thread left on them so Im just going to be very naughty and buy what I need and keep them separate from the rest!!  

So, whilst I what for the threads to be delivered I will start on my Easter Exchange for the Margaret Sherry Lovers Blog.

This is the Joan Elliot Design I am doing next.  When I get what I need for Summer Fairy for Cara I will make that my main stitching piece for a while, but until then my stitching time will mainly be for me!!!

Air Goddess
Designed by Joan Elliot

All for me when its done!!
Have a great evening .... well whats left of it for me anyway lol

Bye for now

Love me 

A finish and New beginning

Afternoon friends

Yay I finished the Hedgehog Crossword stitching!!

Now for a new start ... Air Goddess by Joan Elliott.  I am so looking forward to stitching this!!

I will post a photo when I get on the lappy!

Back to my hermit weekend


Saturday, 19 January 2013

January Hermit ... 18th - 20th

International Hermit & Stitch Weekend 

Come and join in!!

I will be ... snowy weekend so a great excuse to stitch :-)

Have fun all


Friday, 18 January 2013


Hello all! 

I hope you are all having a good evening and for those of you with snow I hope you are not having too much disruption to your normal routine.  It has been snowing here for most of the day but it is only just starting to stick on the roads and pavements.

I just hope I can get Conor to Karate in the morning as he is meant to be doing his next grading within the next few lessons so I really don't want him missing any due to the weather.  Which reminds me I still have to stitch a Karate Dog with a Yellow belt before he needs 2 Karate Dogs doing :-O

Laura and James have gone off to youth club to be leaders, which they do voluntary, and have taken Conor and Ryan with them so I'm sitting on my own whilst he other 3 kiddies are sleeping so I think I will get stuck into my Hedgehogs.

My progress so far 

Crossword hedgehogs

By Margaret Sherry

So fingers crossed that I can get this piece finished then I can get an exchange or two stitched up during the next week or so and do some study too.

Then ....

I can stitch my Joan Elliott Air Goddess Fairy!  I'm still waiting for Summer fairy fabric then I can get a move on with something for my little Cara :-)

I hope the snow does not trap too many of you in the house making you do nothing but stitch and craft all day long .... ooooo how terrible that would be!!  (not) lol

Enjoy your weekend all

Love me xxxx

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

New start and new book

Good Afternoon everyone!!

I hope you are all happy and healthy and enjoying my blog.  I am certainly enjoying writing it :-)

Once I finished Charlie A-G I put him away and started a much smaller Margaret Sherry design all for me!  It is now the 16th January and I have not had one single finish yet lol!!

The design I am stitching is 2 hedgehogs doing a crossword!!  So cute!

My progress up to yesterday afternoon ...

I have received my new book for book club and I hope to start reading it soon.

I am just finishing off the mini challenge for babies, books and beyond blog (see my A-Z book challenge page)

Nothing much else to report today other than I am going to get a few hours stitching in before kiddies come home from school.

Have a great day all

Love me


Monday, 14 January 2013

My Charlie and my Katie

Hello all!

Here is my Charlie Bear Alphabet SAL with Steph ... letters A-G fully completed.
I am really delighted with how he is looking at the moment.

Charlie Bear Alphabet SAL
Designed by Margaret Sherry

as 14 January 2013
Letters A-G completed

Charlie has been put away for the moment as I have a few essays to get written for my Open University course I am doing so whilst studying and writing essays I will do a few smaller pieces in between.    

This evening I started a smaller design by Margaret Sherry.  Will post a photo when I have done some more on it.  It is 2 hedgehogs doing a crossword!  Its the same picture that is the header on the Margaret Sherry Lovers blog 

Katie spotted it and said that I have to stitch it for myself because I love Crosswords and I love Cross Stitch lol!!  This child knows me too well ha ha :-)

Speaking of Katie, she came home with her first lot of homework today and she was delighted!!  I wonder how long that will last :-P

Katie showing off her homework bag

Katie doing her very first piece of homework

Yes she has her Santa Dress on lol!!

No other news from my little corner of the globe!

Keep safe and well all.  Will post a photo tomorrow of my little crossword cross stitch piece for me :-)

Love me

Sunday, 13 January 2013

A quick update ...

Of yesterdays stitching:-

Charlie SAL with Steph

I finished the stitching on letter G on Charlie and did most of the backstitch on G but get the back stitching done on the other bears.  Just eyes/face in black to put on as the other backstitch is in brown.

I also managed to get the back stitch around the letters A and B.

All in all I m made up with how Charlie is looking now.  I will spend time getting all the back stitch on everything else before I start he letter H and I think from now on I will stitch a letter and do all the backstitch before starting the next letter lol

SAL with Margaret Sherry Lovers Blog 

I have started the big doggie with the slipper in his mouth.  I am going to carry on with him today for a little while.

So another cupper then off to get some stitching done before I spend all day on the lappy!!

Happy stitching and crafting all!!

Friday, 11 January 2013

Another family blogger ...

Conor has started a blog :-)  It is just so great seeing him take an interest in blogs and doing things to put on his blog!  So much better than playing games on the lappy I think!

If you do not mind would you follow him please ... only if you want too ... no pressure!!

I promise my needle won't come and get you if you don't follow lol!!

His blog is Conors Blog of Stuff just click the blog name and you will be on his door step!!

Thank you so very much xxx

TUSAL 11 January 2013

(Totally Useless Stitch A Long)


Well here is the first posting of my TUSAL for 2013!!

I bought a Kilner jar from Ebay and won it on a bid for £1.99!!  Delighted and it is one of the jars that can have a pincushion in the lid so I must get onto that over the weekend :-)

Here is my jar of bits of threads ...

TUSAL on 11.01.13

Laura has gone to do her voluntary work at Youth Club and this week Conor and Ryan have one with her.  My lovely friend's husband runs the Youth Club so she dropped her hubby and kids off then came her to collect Laura, Ryan and Conor.

Have a great evening ... I'm off to stitch Charlie for a few hours :-)

Love me

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Charlie Update

Hello all!

I have been busy with back to school this week and in between house things and kiddies I have managed to get some time to do a little stitching on Charlie and I totally enjoyed stitching him.

Charlie Bear as at 09.01.13

Designed by Margaret Sherry

As you might have seen from my Pages I have joined the Margaret Sherry Lovers Blog.  I have signed up for a SAL and 4 exchanges.  It has been a long time since I have done any exchanges and I am totally looking forward to them.  I already have planned what I am stitching so just need to get all the fabrics and threads together so I can get going with them.

It has been a long while since I have stitched lots of Margaret Sherry designs.  I always use to stitch Margaret Sherry.  I must get some of my pictures on my blog of my earlier years of stitching her designs.

Fabrics and threads for

Margaret Sherry Lovers blog Stitch A Long (SAL)

Well I'm off to get some more of Charlie done whilst all jobs have been done today ... even got the tea ready just to be warmed up after homeworks have been done!!  Super mum and super sister keeping this house running brilliant!  Thanks Laura xxxx

Thank you everyone for your views and comments over the last few weeks.  I am really delighted :-)

Have a brilliant day all.  See you later!!

Love me

Monday, 7 January 2013

For My Darling

Little Cara ....

I have stitched an everlasting piece for Ryan, Conor, Mark and Katie but yet to stitch for Cara.
(Laura and James can both stitch so they can do their own ha ha ha he he lol Meanie mummy!!!)

There were 2 different charts that I thought she would like but I wanted Cara to choose.  Yes she is only 2 years old but believe me this chick knows her own mind and what she wants!!!

I was talking to Steph and she threw in a 3rd chart to the mix (Thanks Steph!! lol)

So I printed of a good size picture of each one and gave them to Cara. She looked at them and carried the pictures around for an hour or so but kept stopping to 'study' them ...

1) Air Goddess
2) Daffodil Fairy
3) Summer Fairy

All Joan Elliot designs ... it was Summer Fairy Steph threw into the mix ...

I love Air Goddess, Steph preferred Daffodil Fairy before she suggested Summer Fairy because Cara is a Summer baby!!  Plus Steph has already stitched Summer Fairy and we both know its gorgeous!!  When I was printing the pictures James said Summer Fairy is more Cara!!  That boy knows his little sister very well indeed!

Anyway Cara chose ....

Summer Fairy

By Joan Elliott

Well Cara, My lovely little girlie, Mummy has ordered 'the stuff' and I will start ASAP!!


P.S  Can I do Air Goddess for me because I think she is Cool!!!

Air Goddess

By Joan Elliott

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Introducing the New Love of my life .....

Hi all!!

Well here he is .... (bet you thought I was going to say a man ... well now that would be telling ... lol)

Charlie Bear Alphabet

Designed by Margaret Sherry

I started this piece ooooo quite a while ago now.  I am doing him as a SAL with the one and only lovely bessie called Steph.  Click on her name to go to her blog and see her progress.

I was doing my HAED Fireside Fairytales but had to put it away.  I think this well be my 'Kids away for every other weekend' project ... in other words when my adorable mob stay with their father 2 night per month!!  Then I can stitch my heart out :-)

Steph mentioned stitching on her Charlie so I copied!! I am really looking forward to stitching all of him.  Ryan told me off for not giving Charlie a face so I spent the best part of 2 days, on and off, working on the backstitch.  I still have to backstitch the letters but at least I've made a start.  Think I will also copy Steph again and do the backstitch as I go along, once I have caught up on the rest of it!!  

No other news from here other than back to school Monday for my lot!!  Ha Ha!!

Take care and be good!!

Love me 

PS .... Take a look at Ryan's Blog (my 2nd eldest son and he is 9 years old)  xxxxx

Friday, 4 January 2013

Yesterdays Adventures


Today I have done a few lines on my HAED Fireside Fairtytales but I couldn't get peace to concentrate so I got my Charlie Bear SAL out that I am doing with Steph.  See her blog as she is making brilliant progress.

I'll have to post a picture in the morning as my camera is taking the photo orange lol  Bad light is the culprit!!

I love Margaret Sherry Designs but I haven't stitched any of hers since I did the Karate Dog for Conor, which then reminded me I need to do him another Karate Dog but with a yellow belt on!!  Better get a move on, plus add that 'job' to my WIP/To-Do list before I forget again!!

Anyway back to the Margaret Sherry lovers blog I decided that since there is a year to complete the piece I might as well join up and get myself back into the Margaret Sherry frenzy I used to be in many moons ago lol!!

So looking forward to this .... in all my excitement of my new found 'joining-in' so far in 2013 I must remmber that I have 2 Open University essays to do by the end of march lol!!

Bye for now


Margaret Sherry Design

Karate Dog for Conors Red Belt (9th Kyu)

Need to do a Yellow Belt Karate Dog

For his 8th Kyu

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The first blank page of a 365 page book ....

Hi all,

Once I posted the picture with the saying 'Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book'  I went on Amazon and ordered myself a big nice note book.  I always use to keep a diary but I stopped over 10 years ago.  I think it will be great to be able to write all my thoughts and 'doings' down plus keep nice notes of the children and the mischief they are up to!!

My Diary

Whilst I was at it I bought a spiral bound notebook to finally do a Stitching Diary that I've thought about and gone on about for a long time.  Yes I have my blog and will still do my blog but I think it will also be nice to have a written record of what I did and when I did it and who I did it for!!  (that sound oh so rude!!!)

Stitching Diary
I really cannot wait to get started!!!

I have spent most of  the evening stitching on my HAED Fireside Fairytales.  All the little tiny stitches doesn't look like a lot of progress lol!!

Bye for now

Love me xxxxxxx

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

First post of the year!


Time to clean up the house then reward myself with a stitching session!

I pulled out my HAED Fireside Fairytales. It's about time I made some progress on the 'bad boy'!!

Have a good day all.

Love me