Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Stitching forever

Good Afternoon all

I hope everyone is doing well and had a great weekend!

I had a quiet weekend doing my Easter Exchange, travelling pattern, chatting and reading and I'm all nice and relaxed now!!

This is the travelling pattern so far ...

Lizzie*Kate Chart

Stitching Forever

Once I've made my Easter Exchange into something I will finish this.

Really looking forward to finishing this chart and then waving it off on its travels.

Later on the kids are getting their hair cut as they have their school photo on Thursday :-)  Cool!
Another brilliant photo for my wall ... I am running out of walls haha

Have a great day

Love me xxxxx

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Hows the stitching going?

Hello all,

How is everyone doing?  Lots of stitching happening I hope :-)

Nothing like a good ol' stitch on a cold dark evening!  It is trying to snow here :-O

The kids went to their fathers a few hours ago and I plonked my bum on the sofa and stitched away on my Easter Exchange for Margaret Sherry Blog.  Nearly done.  Just to make into something and I'm ready to post it off asap!!

I've made a coffee and now I'm about to have a good stitch on my Travelling pattern until bedtime.  In the morning I will do some on Cara's Summer Fairy ...well that's the plan anyway lol

Have a wonderful evening

lots of love


Thursday, 21 February 2013

What a load of Pooh!!

Good Evening all xxx

lol ... My pooh Bear Bookmark that is!!  He is a cutie :-)

What a cutie to

Keep my page safe :-)

I am really looking forward to having a SAL with all that wishes and can stitch along with us at the weekend.

I have made fab progress on my Easter Exchange for the Margaret Sherry SAL Blog and will be ready to post after the weekend.  I am a little behind on this with kids being ill then giving me their germs ... nice children lol

As for the Travelling Pattern .... well I really could not help but have a little stitch on it this afternoon!!  I had to laugh though because I didn't have my stitching lamp on because I don't need it on during the day but Cara told me off for not using it lol!!  Just hope she doesn't start trying to organise my stash hahahaha!  

I hope you can stitch along for a little while somewhere between Friday and Sunday evening.

have fun and keep safe

Love me xxx

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Weekend SAL anyone plus travelling pattern

Good Evening all!

Hope you are all well!  Its the last day of mid-term tomorrow and I spent today very unwell!!
Think the kids have given me their germs as a thank you for looking after them lol

Laura, James, Ryan and Conor are out at Youth Club at the moment so I pinched the laptop hahaha!

The little kiddies are with their father this weekend so...

does anyone fancy having a stitch along with me over the weekend?

I will be doing

1) Finishing off MS Easter Exchange Piece if I haven't already manged to do it by Saturday
2) Start on my Travelling pattern
3) Summer Fairy

I will start off my Travelling pattern in the next week or so .... really exciting!
Will post when I'm finished and we will see who gets it next :-)

I finished my Pooh Bear Bookmark so will post a photo asap :-)

Have a great evening

Love me xxxxx

Travelling Chart Advice

Hello all

How are you all?  Not a lot of news from here!  The kiddies are on mid term break until Thursday.  Tthis evening I submitted my essay to the Open University for my Psychology course! Phew glad that's out of the way so I can do something serious like stitching lol!

Anyway the main reason for my post is  see what the rules are for starting off a Travelling pattern.

Plus rules for sending it around.

l know each person stitches and passes the chart onto next chosen stitcher.

I would love to start one off but not sure if I'd be stepping on anyone's toes so to speak!!

Grateful for advice

Love me

This is the chart I was thinking of

using for travelling pattern

Thursday, 14 February 2013

With Love and Kisses xxxxx

Happy Valentines Day

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I've got some stitching to do
And so have you!!!


I hope you all have a brilliant days with lots of love and kisses from your loved one, family, kiddies or your friends .... or maybe all of them!!

Having a brilliant day here! :-)

With lots of love to my on line lovely friends on such a special day :-)


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Look what I'm doing plus ... exciting post today!!

Evening all!

First of all thank you all so very much for your get well wishes for the kiddies and myself.  Fingers crossed we are germ free BUT Mark fell yesterday in school and hurt his foot lol  

It never rains but it pours!!  He seems OK today.  Its not swollen or in pain.  I think he is just scared of walking to far or much in case he falls over again!  he crashed into someone else in the playground at lunch time!!  

Well I think what i am doing is a great idea lol

You know I love to read and stitch well I am a reader that has no stitched bookmark!!

Now that should be a criminal offence lol!!  

I have used a scrappy piece of paper and have done for a while so I thought ...

"Stitch yourself a bookmark woman"

I started the other evening but didn't get much done with Cara not being well.  I sat for a short while this evening and did some more.

A bookmark for me!
I hope to finish it tomorrow and then Mr Pooh Bear can sit in my new book and guard the pages lol

New book with half a stitched bookmark

They look well together!!

Mind you Katie spotted me stitching Pooh Bear and guess what she said?  Oh I bet you cant guess lol

"Mummy can I have a Pooh Bear Bookmark for my school reading books please"  Now how could I refuse such a lovely request!!

Today in the post I got all the details on Josephine, the little girl we are sponsoring   Now have an address to send her some letters and small gifts if we which too.  The kiddies are going to draw her some pictures.  I'll stitch her a little something for a keepsake.  The kiddies suggested a rag doll or teddy for her which I think is a great idea.

It is also her Birthday in May and she will be 5 years old so we are thinking of a little something that we can send.  Large gifts aren't allowed to be sent but trying to think of something small that will get all the way over to Zambia in one piece is tricky!  The things we take for granted really do make the simple everyday objects hard to think of!!  

I also received my Winter Exchange in the post today and i am over the moon with it and thats all Im allowed to say .... for now!!

Well Im off to refesh myself with a chapter of my OU course book then get my essay finished off :-)

Nighty Night all
Take care and keep safe

Love me


The Winner of my Giveaway ......

IS .......

Drum roll please


Mii from Mii Stitch

Yay Congratulations Mii

Please e-mail me with your address and I'll get your prize in the post ASAP


Monday, 11 February 2013

Joan Elliott's Summer Fairy ... Started :-) Plus last days for giveaway

Good Morning all!

I hope you all had a great weekend.  I had a quiet stitching weekend with no one asking for juice or more food or this that and the other BUT it is so strange without my little voices in the house!  They enjoy themselves and that's all that counts :-)

I started Cara's Summer Fairy and I must say she is going to be a pleasure to stitch.
I just could not put her down!!  I think Joan Elliott designs are going to be a new addiction for me lol!

Summer Fairy by Joan Elliott

Stitching as at the end of

10th February 2013

I think she is just gorgeous.  Loving the colours and the fabric.  I cant wait to see her come to life on the fabric!

I hope to get some more done on her this week but I fear it might not be too much as Cara came home last night from her fathers with a high temperature and sneezing which meant me and her had an awful nights sleep! This morning she is totally full of cold and all grumpy and I am starting to feel a little 'off' myself.  I think I am getting the germs the kiddies had for the last few weeks and now sharing Cara's cold!  This is the thanks I get for being 'Nurse Mummy' in our 'Living Room Hospital Ward' :-(  lol

I think I will find a little kit to stitch in between coughs and sneezes lol

The Book Club I am in have chosen its new book for this month and it is:-

Book Club Book for February

I have ordered the book and I am really looking forward to reading this.  It sounds really good!

Oh I know what I can stitch .... A Bookmark :-)  I have a lovely Winnie The Pooh bookmark kit!!

I did stitch myself a Pooh Bear Bookmark years go but James stole it and refuses to give it back lol!!

Dont forget my Giveaway ... Closing date tomorrow evening and I will do the draw on Wednesday Morning.

Click HERE to for straight to the posting.  Dont forget to make sure you are a follower and have posted on your blog as I will be checking once winner is drawn :-)

No other news from here at the moment.

Have a great day all

Love me

Chic Crafting Monthly Giveaway

Hello all!!

There is a gorgeous give away over at Chic Crafting ... Go Take a look!!


Sunday, 10 February 2013

TUSAL 10th February 2013

Good Morning bloggers

How are you today?  All is calm and too quiet here with the 5 little kiddies away.

I stitched away most of yesterday from about 3pm for a good few hours then watched a few TV programmes then carried on stitching til about 1.30am!!  I just did realise the time lol

I will be stitching again very soon until the kids home at 5pm.  I thought I would get my TUSAL photo posted whilst I have a computer I can use without 'Are you nearly finished Mummy?' hahahaha!!!

So here is my TUSAL to today's posting

TUSAL as New Moon

10 February 2013

Blog the TUSAL originated from ...to have a look just click the TUSAL image on the right hand side of my blog

Have a great day all.

Will post a photo of my Summer Fairy stitching tomorrow :-)

Bye for now

Love me

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Project Rotation

Morning all :-)

I hope everyone is well.  This weekend is the weekend the 5 younger kids stay overnight with their father.  So from 2pm this afternoon until 5pm tomorrow I will be stitching away on Cara's Summer Fairy by Joan Elliott.  I may eat and sleep some where in between lol!!

I have also been thinking about the number of projects I have on the go as I have quite a few projects on the go at the moment but the main ones I want to get done are Summer Fairy and exchanges.

I will put some sort of rotation in place over the next week, once my Uni Essay is completed and sent off then I don't have any study worries for a few weeks!!

I'm not going to give each on a time dead line becasue I know I wont keep to it or something will happen and then that project gets forgotten about until 'its turn' comes up again lol

Whilst I'm stitching away i will have a think and make a plan!!

Fancy joining me in a Stitch a long (SAL) this weekend?  Love you to join me!! xxx

Dont forget my LHN and CCN chart giveaway too as the closing date is 12th Feb 2013

Giveaway page HERE 

Happy Stitching/crafting all

Love me

Friday, 8 February 2013

SAL anyone? plus stitching/reading up date

Good Afternoon all,


I have a free weekend again this weekend so does anyone fancy joining me in a SAL from tonight until Sunday evening?

I'm in lol!!

I will be stitching Joan Elliott's Summer Fairy which will be for Cara when finished.

Summer Fairy all ready to go

(just want to hem up the edges of the fabric)

Here is my progress of my SAL with the Margaret Sherry Lovers Blog

MS Lovers Blog SAL

My progress as at 8 February 2013

This is not a very big start but I'll blame the children for being sick lol!!

The next update will be better and more colourful!!

I didn't manage to get to Book Club this month so I must sort out the new book but here is a lovely pile of book, some I have read and others I am really looking to getting around to reading

Books, Books and more lovely books

Most of the last 2 weeks I have done stitching for exchanges but I cant show you photos of them yet so here is a lovely picture of something lovely ... by the way NOT up for exchange lol!!

Katie using my laptop

Well I had better run and pic up the children.

Hope to 'see' you for a SAL over the weekend :-)

Be good!!

Love me

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Update and don't forget

Hello all

Just a quick update on life ...

Katie now off school again with a sore ear! Off to the doctors with her very soon!

Don't forget about the LHN and CCN giveaway!  Not long left until the closing date.

I will post a stitching update later on ... if I manage to stay awake lol

Bye for now

Love me

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

All set to go!!!

Hello blogging friends xxxx

Just a quick update and to say "Hello!!"

Hope you are all well and surviving all the strange weather changes lol

We had snow last night but now its all gone ... phew!!

I spent ages last night organising my WIP's and I must say I have way more than I thought I did :-0  I am totally shocked lol!!

After Summer Fairy no more new starts for me until I clear a WIP or two first!!

I am all set to get started on Cara's Summer Fairy ASAP ... Fabric and threads have arrived.  So many threads to bobbin up so I might do them later on after homework and tea is done :-)

Threads, beads and bobbin box for

Summer Fairy by Joan Elliott

I am made up with myself because I actually did some stitching on mt The Universe in a Jar last night :-)

All but Ryan are back at school but James came home early today as his temp is very high!!

Better get myself ready to get the children form the school bus stop.

Be safe all and happy crafting

Love me

P.S Don't forget Little House and Country Cottage Needlework chart giveaway .... click HERE for post and to enter :-)

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Another Child For Me ....

Well what can I say ... I'm now a mother to 8!  

If my children have their own way it would actually be 9 lol

Ok let you in on the secret ... I have sponsored a child in Lusaka Zambia.  Her name is Josephine and she is 4 years old.

Josephine Aged 4

From Lusaka Zambia

Child we have sponsored through World Vision

I used World Vision to sponsor the child through.  I did sponsor a child many many years ago for a long time and once he became of age the sponsorship automatically ended and I never did get around to sponsoring another ... until now :-)

My kiddies are delighted they have a Sister in another Country and cannot wait to start writing to her.

Before we can do anything we have to wait for all the details to come through and this should be within the next week.

My lot now want me to sponsor an older boy so I will 'have a look' on the website again later on.  Little Josephine just popped out at me because she looked so sad.  

I have a few things to do plus get Ryan some medicine as he is really bad with the virus.  The others seem to be over it but Ryan got it last and its hit him hard!!

That's what got me thinking about children not as fortunate as mine, medicine made them better in days but many children don't have that advantage.  As I was thinking that a sponsorship advert came on TV!!

I call that FATE!!  I'm a believer in such things as there have been too many coincidences in my life to say 'it just happened' lol

Anyway I will stop rambling on and on and get some things done lol

Bye for now

Love me