Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easter Weekend

Hello all

Good morning! What are you all up to?

Today the kiddies are off to their fathers until 5pm on Wednesday!! Oh I will miss them! Easter just wont be the same:-(

I plan to get lots of stitching done but I just can't decide what to stitch first lol

I had set my mind on Summer Fairy all weekend then thought I would do some of my  HAED Fireside Fairytales as I stitched on that last night :-)

Then I thought I could do some of my SAL from Margaret Sherry blog!

Decisions Decisions Decisions ha ha

Now I realise I should just spend the Easter Holidays in the naughty corner for having so much on the go ha ha ha

I'll let up know what I do ... probably a bit of everything :-)

Love me

Friday, 29 March 2013

A Gift Finish and Exchange goodies

Hello all,

Yes its the very early hours of the morning here ... crazy me for still being up but I was just about to go to bed when I realised I had better update my blog because I wont have a chance until the night time hen the kids have finished using the computers.  In the evenings even I they are not on the computer I prefer to stitch lol

So whilst I have the 'big boy' on my knee (lol) I shall show off my latest finish which is a teacher gift from one of my children.  I cant say who as that will give the game away as I know some of the teachers do have a look on my blog!!!

So here is the gift stitching ...

With love from Tatty Teddy

In the center of the heart I have put the teachers name and the child's name.  I will say I just love it.

I hate the backstitching on Tatty teddy so I just made my own up as I went along lol!

Also, as promised a week or so ago here is a photo of what I received in the Margaret Sherry SAL Spring Exchange

The beautiful Exchange parcel I received

Well folks, that's me, off to bed as I have a busy day tomorrow and with luck lots of stitching too!!!

Bye for now
Love me

Monday, 25 March 2013

A Weekend Finish

Good Monday Morning bloggers

I hope you all had a great weekend.  My 5 younger kiddies were with their father so I promised Conor I would stitch his Karate Dog or his Yellow belt which he gain last September !  

Wow I didn't realise it was months ago that he gained his yellow grading .... where have the months gone!  As the saying goes 'Time flies when your having fun' lol

So here is the fruits of my weekend ....

Karate Dog
Designed by Margaret Sherry
Stitched by me
For Conor's yellow belt grading
in Karate

I am delighted with myself that I managed to get this piece done over the weekend.  I am thinking of getting it framed with his certificate :-)  I think that will look really good so I will get his red karate Dog framed the same way too.  It will soon be time or his Orange grading so I think I will make a start on that Karate dog sooner rather than later!!

Next 'job' is to get another teacher stitching done this week.  

On Saturday the 5 little kiddies are with their father again until Wednesday evening so I plan to get as much done on Cara's Summer Fairy as I can whilst I'll have nearly 5 days to get stitching done.  Then they hare home Wednesday evening, Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning then back with their father on the Saturday afternoon until Sunday Evening ... Whilst the kiddies are away mummy shall play lol!! 

I just hope they don't come home as hungry as they did yesterday .... they raided my cupboards and fridge within minutes of being home lol!  They were like little whirl-winds coming through the door!!  

Have a great day all

Bye for now

Love me

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Forever Friends Stitching and Exchange

Hi there all,

I hope you are all well :-)

Tuesday evening and yesterday I had a wonderful stitching session and finished off the Forever Friends stitching.

One piece for school gifts finished ... just another 5 to go lol.

I have no study to do until after Easter so I hope to get loads of stitching done :-)

Forever Friend teacher gift

I think I will make this into a hanger rather than frame it. Probably safer for the children taking them into school on the school bus lol

I can show off my Margaret Sherry Exchange parcel that I sent to my partner :-)

Easter Chick Hanger
Design by Margaret Sherry

Extra goodies sent with my stitched piece

I will get a photo up of what I received :-)

The next piece I am going to get done is Conor's karate dog which I will start in a little while.  Threads, chart, needle and fabric all at the ready!!

Have a great day all

Love me

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

ISHW (Hermit) stitching weekend update

Hello all

Wow its been nearly a week since I posted on my blog ... oh bloggy I missed you lol ;-)

How are you all?  I hope everyone is fit and healthy and full of mischief ... I am haha!

I spent the weekend stitching on and off as it was a Bank Holiday weekend here because of St. Patrick's Day.  I did most of my stitching Sunday evening and some last night.

I also did about 400 stitches on HAED Fireside Fairytales as I was really in the mood to stitch some on there but it was all black stitches!  I must work away on it to get away from the browns and blacks to start on the lovely detailed colour stitches.

This is for a teacher at the end of the school year to say 'thank you'!

Forever Friends Stitching

The boys put in their orders for what they would liked stitched.  Much debate went into what they chose for me to stitch so with luck all the teachers will be delighted!

My stitching is known at the school so I think I will have to keep a very high standard lol!!

Well Cara want 'her puter' lol ....  erm Cara it is my puter lol

Have a great day all

Love me


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Oh Wow!!

Hello Bloggers!

I just could not wait to show off this photo!!

It is a little fuzzy as its taken from the proof photo.  

I cannot wait to get the BIG photo that I have ordered so I can add it to my ever growing framed photos on the walls of the kiddies!!

Front Katie
Left (redhead) Conor
Back Ryan
Right Mark

Conor was star of the week last week at school and he brought home the Star Of The Week Cup

Conor 'Star of the Week'
So proud of you Conor

I received the threads I need to do Conor's Karate Dog so I must make a start on that before he goes in for his next grading ... I know ... I know ... I've said that a million time now already lol!!  If I don't start it asap I owe Conor a weeks supply of Chocolate lol!!!

With the weather we are having I might just be starting in for a while!!  Too cold for me outside lol 

Happy blogging , I'm off to bed now ... hope its been warmed up by now ;-)

Lots of stitching to do tomorrow as all jobs and things have already been one for the week .... P L A Y time lol!!

Bye for now

Love me

Monday, 11 March 2013

TUSAL and Summer Fairy

Good Afternoon all

I hope you all had a great weekend!  I sent it reading, stitching and watching TV!!

Here is my TUSAL update!  getting loads of nice shades in there now :-)

TUSAL as at 11 March 2013

Yes you can see snow in the back ground!!!  Snow in March ... What a shock we got when we woke up this morning :-O

Here's an update of Cara's Summer Fairy.  I think she is looking good but the fabric has gone a little out of shape and I'm not happy with the way some of the stitches are sitting.  

Summer Fairy 11 march 2013

Well time to brave the snow and go and collect the kiddies from the bus stop!!

I think later on I will start on the teacher stitching so I don't end up in a big mad panic like last year lol

The school here end on the last week day of June for either 8 or 9 weeks depending on when the first Monday in September falls!!  End of June will soon be here!!

Have a great evening all.

Love me xxxxx

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Mothers Day

To all you wonderful Mothers out there

Happy Mothers Day to you


For Mothers day off my Magnificent 7 I got 

My Favourite photo of the 5 little ones last Christmas with Santa!
The photo is printed on canvas and is massive!!
Laura organised it as she knows how much I love this photo
and how much I love having my family photos up on the wall

I love it

I also got some chocolates and cards .... yummy yummy rub my tummy!

Ryan, Conor, Mark and Katie could go into school last Friday in Fancy dress. Ryan didn't want to so he went in his own clothes plus he wouldn't let me take a photo of him looking all lovely in his own clothes!!  He is getting old haha!!

The school were celebrating Integration week  with the theme being 'Me, We and Our World' and each class chose a country to celebrate:-

Conor's class were France
Mark's class were China
Katie's class were Spain

So I thought it would be nice to go with the class country theme


They look wonderful!  Katie and Mark have gone dressed up in their costumes to their fathers this weekend!  Katie loves the big fancy dressing up dresses and always wears them at home!!  She is a girlie girl :-)

Have a great day!  I'm going to get some more Summer Fairy done and will post a photo later on!

Love me xxxx

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Oh no ...

Hello All,

I'm home alone ... with just my stitching to do!!  :-)

Oh my goodness I'm just going to be sooooo bored lol!!

Anyone else stitching today?

What are you stitching?

I'm going to crack on with Cara's Summer Fairy.  I need to order threads for Conors Karate Dog as i need to do him with a Yellow belt before he goes in for his next grading!

I was subbing the anchor threads for DMC but I cant remember what shades I used last time so I'll just order the correct Anchor threads and keep them just for the karate Dog!

I will post a photo of the Summer Fairy progress tomorrow :-)

Have a great day all


Friday, 8 March 2013

The winner is ...

The Travelling Pattern will be travelling to you ....

Congratulations xoxoxoxox 

Please email me and let me have your address and I will post Saturday, if not on Monday.

Love me xxx

Thursday, 7 March 2013

I have just got to have this ....

OMG I love this kit! :-)

'A Dictionary of Mums' kit by Bothy Threads
I was meant to be typing up an essay for University but .... well its was all the stitching's fault!

It called me until I gave in the urges to surf the web lol

That's my story and I'm sticking to it lol


Catch up, new L*K chart and a Weekend SAL

Hello fellow bloggers,

Today we have had Rain rain and more rain which is just typical because James was doing school bus stop pick ups today and he ha to walk to the kiddies school bus stop as he cant drive (not yet ... less than a months time he can start taking lessons eeeek!!!)  

James did the kiddies pick up because I had to take Cara to the Dr's as he is a little under the weather and not eating a thing!!  She is a fussy little girl anyway but when she wont even eat chocolate I know there is a big 'something' bugging her!!

Looks like she has an ear and throat infection plus her tummy is a little hard as she is all 'bunged up' inside (I'm sure you know what I mean) So the DR has given her something to de-bung her (lol and eee yack when the time comes!!) plus an antibiotic.  She should be as right as rain in a few days time.

The kids are at their fathers this weekend so I will be stitching away a usual from the minute they leave until the minute they come home... sooooo Does anyone fancy stitching along with me?  It would be lovely to have your company :-)

I plan on getting a good chunk of Cara's Summer Fairy done.

At the moment I am stitching another Lizzie*Kate design called 'Wear a Smile'  I will post a photo in the morning.  Nice and quick to do during the day whilst chatting and seeing to Cara :-)

I bought 2 new charts the other day. 

This one is fab!

I am thinking of getting a frame that holds 4 photos
then I can have the stitching in one photo space and
a picture each of the girls in the other spaces.

OR ... have one photo taken of the 3 girls together!!  

Anyone Know if Lizzie*Kate does a 'sons' chart? ... don't want the boys feeling left out :-0

The needle he holds is an actual
cross stitch needle.  Brilliant! 

Once I have stitched them I might pass them on as Travelling patterns.  The Wizard one is an A4 size chart so it might be a little big and end up battered after a few times in the post but he is adorable!!

Well that's all for now.  I had better get to bed!

Bye for now

Love me 

P.S Don't forget about the Travelling pattern as I will be choosing a name on Friday

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Winter Exchange


Finally I can show off what I sent to my partner in the Stitched With Love Winter Exchange.

This is what I stitched and sent in the Winter Exchange

Now then, what I received made my day!

Thank you so very much Fiona :-) xxx I am totally delighted!!

Yellow Parcels

Inside my yellow Parcels :-)

My Stitched Ornie off Fiona

WOW! Is all I can say!  I just love all my goodies ... Thank you once again Fiona
I just love exchanges xxxx

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Are you interested? ... Travelling Pattern

Hi All,

As promised here is the posting for the 'Stitching Forever' Chart being offered as a Travelling pattern.

Chart needing a journey to another stitchers home!!

What this means is:-

You must be serious about stitching this design and then passing the chart on to the next interested stitcher... YOU have to pass the chart on, you cannot keep the chart but you do keep your own stitching.  

You must be prepared to post the chart anywhere in the world.  If you are not prepared to post on then please do not show your interest.

You must be able to stitch this chart within a reasonable period of time... say no longer than 2 weeks.
There is no point asking to be nominated to have the chart posted to you if you have no time to stitch it up.

You will need a blog to be able to show off your finished stitching and then do a post (similar to this one) to offer the chart on.  

I would like each stitcher who receives the chart to let me know where it is just so I can keep track of the chart.  i have paid for this chart so I would like it to go on its travels around the world for as long and as far as possible.  

If you are interested in stitching this pattern and have a blog please leave a comment on this post.

If you are NOT interested then please do not comment.  

I am new to this so please let me know if I have missed anything off.  I want us all to enjoy this chart.
If people who are interested prefer I do a list as to who gets the chart then I will.  I don't mind.
Or we can see how far the chart travels!!

I'm excited I can say that much!!

Please leave a comment if you are interest and a person will be chosen at random on Friday 8th March and I will post the chart asap :-)


Hello All!

I finished Stitching Forever By Lizzie*Kate this evening.  The chart took me 2 stitching sessions over last Sunday and tonight :-)

I also finished my Easter Exchange for the Margaret Sherry SAL Blog so that's 2 finishes this week.  I am delighted!!

Stitching Forever by Lizzie*Kate

Travelling pattern
I will get a post up for the Stitching Forever Chart to go on its travels as a Travelling Pattern... But for now I am going to pack away my stuff  and go to sleep!!

I carried on with a Tatty Teddy design I started ages ago.  Its for Laura and Johnny as an Engagement present .... many months after the fact ... oops!!!

Bye for now and be good!!

Love me