Saturday, 27 April 2013

Well That Will Teach Me ...

to be looking on a on-line stash shop when Ryan is sitting next to me because I have been ropped into stitching him this ...

The Dragon Ryan wants me to stitch
for him

Going to take me years to get through my 2013 To-Do list lol

Mind you Ryan has good taste because the Dragon is designed by Joan Elliott.

Happy evening to you all


Thursday, 25 April 2013

Joan Elliott Summer Fairy and a Life update!!

Hello there friends

How is everyone today?  I hope everyone is fine and being good lol  Nah good is boring!!

I did a little of Summer Fairy over the weekend and did some lovely reading too

Here is Summer Fairy's progress

Summer Fairy as as
21st April 2013

I will have to make a move on the teacher stitching as i have a few to do for the end of June so I think I will stitch them or a while now.

Life has been crazy this week with appointments and poor mark and Cara had to have injections.  It does not seem to have bothered Mark but poor Cara has sore legs now as the injections were in both legs.  Poor girl is in pain and having problems walking because her legs are stiff!  At least all her injections are up to date now which is good.  She will be fine in a few days but it is heartbreaking seeing her in pain and so sad!

Whilst I was at the Dr's the nurse 'grabbed' me and got all my health checks up to date too lol!!  I think she had a lack of appointments so she 'grabbed' me for something to do!!  Oh well at least everything is done and I now don't have to make an appointment and wait to go the Dr's :-)

Towards the end of the week and at the weekend I am helping out at the little ones school so I am and have been a busy bee this week!!  I'll be glad of a rest next week lol

Have a great day all

Bye for now

Love me

Saturday, 20 April 2013

IHSW Hermit weekend and more

Good Afternoon all,

How are you all doing today?  Good I hope!

All wonderful here the last week.  I cannot believe how the weeks are flying by.  Before we know it the school summer holidays will be upon us once again.

I got the school photographs back this week so I feel a trip to the framers coming on lol!

I finished another book Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson last night so I will have to pick another book to start this evening.


This weekend the kids are away which means I can stitch my little heart out plus it is IHSW Hermit weekend too!!  That was handy lol

So I am stitching away on Cara's Summer Fairy :-)  I am doing her wings at the moment.  I was going to do my Fairy Grandmother but I already had everything or the Summer Fairy at hand so it was laziness that decided what I was spending the weekend doing haha!!

I did a little more on a teachers stitched end of school year gift yesterday.  I only spent a short time stitching but I got lots done so I am very pleased with myself!!  

I will post an update photo tomorrow or Monday.  In the mean time I hope you all have a fantastic weekend whatever you are doing

Love me 


Monday, 15 April 2013

A finish .... yay!!

Good Afternoon all,

I hope you all had a good weekend!  I had good news on Friday ... Cara has been accepted in the Nursery Unit at the other kiddies Primary school .. oh yeah!!  She starts in September and she is more than ready for it.  back to running up and down to school doing drop offs and pick ups as the Nursery day is shorter than a normal school day plus the nursery kiddies are not allowed on the school bus as they are not yet Primary School age but i sure miss the hum of school life so it will be good to be back there every day.

Over the weekend I finished off the first puppy in the Margaret Sherry Lovers Blog SAL.  He is just adorable :-)  One down a few more to go lol!!

Puppy No 1 completed

No other news really!  I started stitching on an exchange at the weekend but I cant tell you ... just yet!!

Keep well

Love me

Friday, 12 April 2013

Mummy's Little Helper


I got a new thread box to store my Anchor threads for my Margaret Sherry projects.  I normally use DMC but the colour conversion isn't always the same so I treated myself to the correct Anchor threads.

The box came and Cara has helped me bobbin an store the threads away!!  Well sort of ....

Cara helping Mummy :-)

I have been busy doing 'Puppy Love' for the Margaret Sherry Lovers Blog

I hope to get this part of the SAL finished this weekend.

Happy stitching and crafting all

Love me xxxx

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

TUSAL 10th April 2013

Hello all!

Here is my TUSAL photo for April

TUSAL on 10th April 2013

I have spent a couple of evenings stitching on my Margaret Sherry Lovers Blog SAL 'Puppy Love'  I nearly have the first puppy completed.  This puppy is one of the biggest in the design so I hope to whizz along with the rest over the year :-)

I will post a photo when I have finished him!

Hope everyone is well and having a good crafting time!!

Love me xxx

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

More Summer Fairy by Joan Elliott

Welcome all,

I had a lovely weekend stitching, reading and watching TV!  

My 'rest' from the children is over for another 2 weeks but to be very honest I am glad!

So nice to have them back home and back into my routine :-)

I did a little on a stitching gift for another of the teachers and the Summer Fairy for Cara!

As at the end of Stitching 8th April 2013

Laura had her 23rd Birthday on the 4th April and today is James' 17th birthday .... oh wow how did my kids get so old lol  Only another 2 months and Cara will be 3 years old!!  oooo I feel very old now lol!!

Well it is the small hours of the morning ... back to school routines on Wednesday and I will be glad to get this house back into an order :-)  I do like a routine!!

That's all for now folks .... 

Happy stitching and crafting

Love me xxxxx

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Summer Fairy designed by Joan Elliott and HAED

Afternoon all!

How are you on the bright, sunny cold day?!!

I have a few hours before the kiddies are back from their long weekend with their father!  There is a big pot of Beef Stew and Dumplings in the slow cooker and my house smells good enough to eat lol

I have not done as much stitching as I thought I would because I decided whilst the kiddies were not here I would get a good spring clean done on the house!  I'm pooped now lol!  Carpets hovered, cleaned and then  hoovered again.  All the bedding washed and dried and beds made again.  Everywhere scrubbed and tidy now.  It made sense since all toys etc were away whilst the kiddies not here so that made everything so much better and easier.

I went shopping yesterday and got the girls some gorgeous clothes and the boys some tops and trousers.  The boys are really hard to guess the sizes with clothes so I normally take them with me!  The girls are easy ... would think it would be the other way around lol  Mind you its much cheaper not taking Katie clothes shopping as she is a real girlie girl and would be coming home with mountains of stuff lol  

So when I did manage to sit myself down and stitch rather than clean I did some on my HAED Fireside Fairytales which I have not touched for way too long!  I have been doing this one for years and really haven't got anywhere with it.  To be honest I'm getting bored with the browns and blacks in it.  Its so dark and 'boring' (oooo dare I say that?!!)  I'm loving the stitching but just not the shades.  I am wondering if I choose something else but then me being me would feel too guilty lol!!  

HAED Fireside Fairytales
as at 30 March 2013

I have had a few good stitching sessions on Summer Fairy and I will say I am loving it!!  

Summer Fairy as at 2nd April 2013

I must say I think she is beautiful and I cant wait to get more done on her.  I am planning finishing off the green ribbons today around her hands and arms then start on the blue ribbons in her hair then I can start on the wings :-)  That's the plan anyway so I had better get too it!!  

Have a good day all.

Lots of lovely stitching wishes sent your way

Monday, 1 April 2013

Did you all have ....

A Good Easter?

Mine was super quiet with quite a bit of stitching done!

I spent Saturday evening stitching on Fireside Fairytales but it was quite a lot of confetti stitching in Black and Brown!! Cannot wait to get to the colour stitches that's for sure.

Then I spent yesterday watching some TV and a little stitching on Cara's Summer Fairy.  A very relaxing day all round but i'm not use to it so when I got to bed I just was not tired lol!!  I cant win!!

So this morning I have got some carpets cleaned, others hoovered  a nice dinner in the oven and now I am ready to get stitching for the day!  The house smells wonderful though :-)

So now to check food and get some stitches into the Fairy!  I will post a progress photo tomorrow as my camera is in the room I cleaned the carpet and I don't fancy getting soggy socks getting the camera lol!!

Have a nice relaxing Easter Monday all

Love me