Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Round Robin

Hello there!

Last night I finished the stitching for my Round robin (RR) and I am delighted with my choice :-)

Good Things chart

I have my other 6 designs chosen and all I need to do now is tack the boxes where I want my friends to stitch and Im good to post onto

One of my friends stitching Steph from Stephie's Stitching Blog is a member of the group and I must say .... WOW her RR is looking fantastic!!  She is excited that's for sure lol!!  Steph is a fantastic stitcher.

Today I aim to get started on the last teacher stitching and then make them all into something.  Time is running away with me as they finish school for the summer on 28th June for 9 weeks summer holiday!  Its going to be a blast :-)

We are in the process of getting the garden clean up and I have ordered some outdoor toys for them and a big double swing with see-saw thing on it :-)  They will love it!!

Well all have a lovely day

Love me xxxx

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Travelling pattern Winner ....

I put all the names from the Travelling pattern post into a tub and pulled a name out and the winner is ....

Yay congratulations to you!!

Please message me you address and I will pop the chart in the post for you in the next few days 

Have a wonderful day all xxxxx

Friday, 24 May 2013

Dont forget ....

Travelling pattern

post your comment on Travelling pattern Post to be entered in the draw


Cara having a visit to Nursery :-) Lots of photos

Good Afternoon friends :-)

This morning was a great time at Nursery for Cara!  Oh she loved having a play there and I know she will enjoy being there in September :-)

I think she will have a ball there!!

Once Cara starts Nursery I will be all on my little own during the day lol I'm sure I will fine lots to amuse myself with!!!

Have a great day all xxxx

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Photo shoot :-)

Good Morning to you all,

I just love lovely post and lookie what the postman brought me this morning :-)

I have taken these photos from the proofs so they are a little fuzzy!!

Me and my Magnificent 7
We all look so smart lol
Fantastic photo of 'The Gang'

Laura and her fiance Johnny

I haven't got a professional photo taken
of Laura since she was in high school
many many years ago :-)

These photos have made my day!!


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Lizzie*Kate Round Robin and Stash

Hello :-)

I got some exciting post this morning!!  myself and a few friends are doing a RR and my theme, after much deliberation, is Lizzie*Kate oooo yeah!!

So I have bought some lovely posh Polstitchers Aida ... with a grab bag of evenweaves for me .... and the charts needed for the RR :-)

I cant wait to start the RR as I haven't done one for a very long time.

Lizzie*Kate and Polstitchers fabric

The big piece of fabric in the middle is for the RR and the other 5 little packets are for me to stitch lovely things on for me!!

Right then, stitching time for me I think as all houseworks etc done :-)  Happy crafting to you!

Bye for now

Love me

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Travelling pattern needs a new home :-)

Good morning bloggers!

I have finished the Travelling pattern 'Wear A Smile'

Lizzie*Kate design
So if you fancy having this lovely little chart flying through your door leave a comment on this post and I will pick the lucky person on Monday morning

What this means is:-

You must be serious about stitching this design and then passing the chart on to the next interested stitcher... YOU have to pass the chart on, you cannot keep the chart but you do keep your own stitching.  

You must be prepared to post the chart anywhere in the world.  If you are not prepared to post on then please do not show your interest.

You must be able to stitch this chart within a reasonable period of time... say no longer than 2 weeks.
There is no point asking to be nominated to have the chart posted to you if you have no time to stitch it up.

You will need a blog to be able to show off your finished stitching and then do a post (similar to this one) to offer the chart on.  

I would like each stitcher who receives the chart to let me know where it is just so I can keep track of the chart.  i have paid for this chart so I would like it to go on its travels around the world for as long and as far as possible.  

If you are interested in stitching this pattern and have a blog please leave a comment on this post.

If you are NOT interested then please do not comment.  

I am new to this so please let me know if I have missed anything off.  I want us all to enjoy this chart.
If people who are interested prefer I do a list as to who gets the chart then I will.  I don't mind.
Or we can see how far the chart travels!!

I'm excited I can say that much!!

Please leave a comment if you are interest and a person will be chosen at random on Monday 27th May 2013 and I will post the chart asap :-)

The chart I will be sending
Good Luck all

Fireside Fairytales HAED

Hope all is well with you all,

We seem to have coughs and colds going around the little and big people.  A few of us had a bad night sleep last night so I'm shattered!!

I spent time at the weekend doing my HAED!  Oh this has been a WIP for a very long time, too long :-(

I had done a bit of it wrong so fixed that part and then stitched a little bit more.  Now I seem back on track with it I hope to get lots more done. Its about time I'd say lol

Fireside Fairytales HAED
as at 19th May 2013

I'll be glad when I get onto the detail and away from all the dark colours.  I seem to be battling with the browns and blacks at the moment. 

I also finished my Lizzie*Kate design that I am sending around as a Travelling pattern ... see the post above :-)

I must get on with my entries for the Omagh Show in July :-)

Have a great day all


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Think pink ... Girlies Important for you all

Hi there

How are you all?  I hope everyone is fine :-)

Well the last few weeks have been up and down for me but I didn't say anything because I didn't know what the outcome would be .... but all is good!!

I found a lump in my breast and had to wait for an appointment at the Breast Assessment Unit, which I had today and I'm glad to say that all is clear :-)

So ladies, the main point of this posting is not about me but about YOU!!

A mammogram is not painful ... just uncomfortable for about 5 seconds!  Flashing your boobies about might not make you feel comfortable ... it wasn't for me .... but those few minutes of feeling silly is well worth it :-)

***Check them boobies ladies***

Now I feel like I can settle into a normal routine again and get them needles burning again!!

Kids are away this weekend so I am doing nothing but stitching!  Hope you can join me :-)

I will stitch away on the Travelling pattern and hope to have that on the way next week!!

Oh am I've been craving stitching a Round Robin as I haven't done one for a very long time so I joined a Yahoo Group to see whats available!!

Bye for now

Love me

Monday, 13 May 2013

The dastardly deed is done .....

Hello all!!

Whoop Whoooooop Open University Eassy sent and that was the last Essay for my psychology Course ... now for October to come around for the start of my next 2 courses sooooo who is up for some stitching and reading?

ooooo yeah ME!!!!

I have a few things to do over Tuesday and Wednesday but with luck I can be back at things in full 'Heather' style on Thursday!!

I cannot wait to get back to my stitching now as I have missed it the last week or so!  Watch that needle fly ....

Me doing a happy dance 

Happy stitching/crafting all!!!

Love me xxxx

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Birthday Dear Josephine

Happy Birthday Josephine

5 Today!!!

For those who are not sure who Josephine is she is a little girl we sponser


Saturday, 11 May 2013

I'm a very naughty girl .....

Today I was a very bad bad girl and I should go and sit in the naughty corner for many years ....

Why was I naughty?  Oh I'm sure you don't want to know ... lol

OK OK OK sit back on your chair properly before you fall off and I will tell you ...

Today I bought ...

Lavender and Snow Pearls Biscornu Kit
Designed by Polstitchers

AND ....

Bees and Butterflies Scented Ornament Kit
Designed by Polstitchers

Both of these beautiful pieces I intend to make up for the Omagh Shoe which is in July.  Last year I won first prize in the cross stitch section so I think I have to have a good go at protecting my winners title lol!!

I think I will make a few other things and enter them in the 'other crafts' section and see how I go :-)

And next week I am going to get this for James as he is about to do his A-Level in ICT
Shhhhh don't tell him as its a surprise :-)   xxxx

A Dictionary of Technology
Designed by Bothy Threads

Well its bedtime for me as I have a crazy day tomorrow.  Ryan starts his guitar lesson but at the same time Conor is at a Karate 'convention' so he is going in one direction with his big sis whilst I take Ryan the other direction with Ryan and James minds the other ones!!  

It is all go go go here at the moment with all kinds of yummy stuff but we are very use to it as this is what life has been like of a weekend for about 18 months with just Laura, James and myself entertaining the 5 little ones and taking them here there and everywhere!! They have just as much of a full social diary as myself, Laura and James :-)  Its so good having a nice social life and having friends dropping in or me going out and being with people I adore :-)

Ok enough of me going on lol

Have fun and I will show off my new kits when I get them ... better get them made up quick as July is only around the corner ... Oh heck that means I'm only a few months off being another year older!!  Oh ok I hope July takes years to arrive lol 

Lots of love
Me xxxx

Friday, 10 May 2013

So excited, life is good, fun stuff and my TUSAL

Good Morning happy Bloggers and crafters

Today is TUSAL day :-)

TUSAL 10 May 2013

Yesterday evening was brilliant for my 7 children and me!!  We went for a family group photo!  I got the children and myself some new clothes for the occasion so we looked wonderful :-)  We cannot wait to get the proofs in about 2 weeks time.  So excited!!

Here is a sneaky peak at my little girls!  Photos taken on mobile phone so quality isn't too great but the kids are!!!

Cara and Katie
Sisters together and best friends forever 

"My Pretty" says Cara
You sure are my sweetie pie :-)

Today is going to be a brain day as I have my essay to finish off then I can stitch stitch stitch.

Just like the post title Life is fun, good and happy theses days!  Myself and the kids are so happy and have become even more close to each other.

Now Heather, get off your blog and do your essay then you can play!!  lol

Bye for now

Love me

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Another one bites the dust :-)

Hello all!!

How is everyone doing today?  Today it is pouring with rain but yesterday it was lovely and sunny ... so sunny in fact that Laura got most of the grass cut.  Well it seems that we have had our summer, one day better than none I suppose lol!!

I got another teacher gift finished on Monday!  5 down ... one to go!!  That's providing some of the kiddies don't decide they want some done for the teaching assistants! 

Musical Mouse
designed by Margaret Sherry

I am making good progress with the Travelling pattern and hope to be ready to post off the end of next week.  I have an Open University Essay to have sent off by Tuesday so once that's done I will have many months free for stitching as that essay is the last in the course and no more until October :-)

Tomorrow all of us are going to have a group family photo taken professionally.  I cant wait!  I got the kids some lovely clothes.  Katie and Cara have got a new dress each :-) Oh they will love me forever lol!!

Have a great day :-)

Love me 

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Another Finish, A new start and a Travelling pattern (phew long title!!)

Hello there

Hope you are all having a good weekend.  My kiddies are with their father, who thought it was OK to turn up late!!  Yes 10 minutes is a long time for 5 kiddies who think because it's gone 2pm Daddy isn't coming :-(

They started complaining, that 10 minutes turns into tears and tantrums that could have been avoided by being on time!!!  Stress for no reason is not good or fair!  Rant over lol !!

Well Margaret Sherry Culinary Cat is finished yay yay yay!!!

Isn't he cute 

I started the next teacher stitch last night and I got it nearly half finished.  It is Musical Mouse designed by Margaret Sherry :-)

Musical Mouse

I also received the fabric from Polstitchers for Ryan's Dragon.  Its totally gorgeous :-)

'Fields of Green'
by polstitchers

The colours aren't showing up too
good on the photo

Last but by no means least ... A Travelling Pattern

I hunted the blogs today for Travelling patterns and found 1 or 2 but not many so I thought I would start another one off :-)

Travelling pattern

I will get stitching and then yel when i'm ready to pass on!

Anyone know of Travelling patterns up for grabs?  You wouldn't think I had a Uni essay to do for 10 days time lol!!  Oh well .... S T I T CH I N G   T I M E :-)

Have a great weekend

Love me xxx

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Margaret Sherry Cat

Good afternoon all,

Wow we have had a busy week and not much stitching time for me but I don't mind :-)

Last Sunday I helped out at the school with Holy Communion.  It was crazy busy but great fun.  I am glad I joined the parents Council at the school.

I have worked on one of the stitched presents for a teacher at the Primary school.  It is one of the Culinary Cats designed by Margaret Sherry :-)

I have also organised a little exchange between a few 'Old Stitching Friends' so I must get my piece done over the next week.  I love exchanges :-)

I use to do a lot of Round Robins too and they were great!

I receive Ryan Dragon kit and I ordered posh fabric from Polstitchers for it to be stitched on.  it took me an hour to choose what fabric and in the end I ordered a fabric called 'Fields of Green'.  Cannot wait to make a start on that.

Have a great day all and with luck I shall have another finish to show off very soon!

Take care

Love me xxx