Thursday, 27 June 2013

Teacher Gift Stitching

Hello all,

I hope everyone is well.  I can't believe it has been over a week since I have been on my blog but I have a very good excuse ... I have been busy stitching teacher gifts :-)  

I had the pieces stitched up but just needed to put them together which I spent most of last week doing.  I did have a little 'accident' ... well it wasn't my fault ... I blame Cara lol!!  we were messing about and being totally silly when she went to throw herself at some force onto the floor.  Anyone's natural reaction would be to catch the little imp before she smashed onto the floor!!!  Well I did and hurt my wrist.  I have never had a bruise so big and black before lol!!  

So, stitching was painful and slow but me being as stubborn as I am I had to get the gifts done!  I couldn't let the children down because they had chosen what they wanted me to stitch.

Here are the results of some wonderful choices by the children!  Each child chose something their teachers like which I thought was lovely and showed that they did pay attention in class lol 

Teacher Gifts
Ryan's Teachers Gift
Conor's Teacher Gift
Mark's Teacher Gift 

Katie's Teacher Gift

Katie's Class Room Assistants Gift

I am totally delighted with how the gifts turned out :-)

I'm a little behind with other stitching but I am sure I will soon catch up as the children are of school from tomorrow for the school summer hoildays plus they are away this weekend.  James also goes to Spain on Sunday so there is no time scale and rushing about for the next 2 months :-)  Bliss!!!

Have a great day and weekend all 

Love me


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Conor and Karate

Good Evening bloggers!

I hope everyone is well.  All is good here ... well I'll pretend I said that lol! It was a bit touch and go with sickness on Sunday evening/Monday daytime as the kiddies returned from their fathers and  reported that their father had been sick all weekend!!   Ryan had a temperature of 101F so he was off school on Monday and today.  Mark looked ill last night but after a good sleep he was fine ... so all in all a lucky escape for the kiddies!!  It must be all the good food and vitamins I have been giving them :-)  

Last Saturday Conor entered his grading for his orange Belt and he passed :-) One happy little Conor!!! He is really delighted with himself and he cant wait for his next grading haha!!  

The Karate Kid

Orange Karate Dog

The children have the rest of this week and next week in school and then 9 weeks summer holidays for us to have fun fun FUN!!  But before the fun can start with the kiddies over the holidays I have to have fun fun FUN putting the teacher gifts together :-)

I spent a few hours over the weekend finishing off my pen-pal letters!!

I just love sending and receiving letters.  So much better than getting bills and junk mail I think!

My RR has also been posted to Cucki.  I am so looking forward to getting RR's I the post again.

Nothing else to report

Have fun and be good!!

Love and hugs


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Round Robin and Birthday Girl

Hello Bloggers!

Today is Cara's 3rd Birthday :-)

Happy Birthday my little cutie pie xxxx

She is having a wonderful day so far and we will have a little party for her later on when the others come home from school.

This morning I collected the family group photo and I cant wait to get it up on the wall :-)

Whilst Cara was bouncing on her birthday trampoline I sorted out addresses for the RR that myself and Aneeba from cuckistitchingcove.  This is my Lizzie*Kate RR that will be flying off to Aneeba in the next day or so :-)

At the moment I am stitching Conor 3rd Karate Dog for his up and coming Orange Belt Grading on Saturday .... Fingers crossed for my little Karate Kid.  Then I must get a move on with the teacher gifts as there is less than 3 weeks left until the summer holidays.  Really looking forward to the holidays :-)

Have a great day all

Me xxxxxx

Sunday, 9 June 2013

TUSAL (a few minutes late)

Hello bloggers,

Here is my TUSAL ... just a little after the 8th June!!

TUSAL as at
8Th June 2013

I have put my cancer wrist band around  the top of my TUSAL jar.  I was wearing it but the fabric kept catching on it!

I have finished off my Lizzie Kate RR and hemmed up the fabric. I must take a photo of it!!

Friday turned into a crazy day lol  Sports day was brilliant and Katie got 3rd in the 'Run with a beanbag on your head' race :-)  Mark did really well too but did get 'placed' in the race but he doesn't care which to be honest is the best way to be .... its the fun that's more important not winning!  

Ryan decided that since Katie and Mark could go home after sports day so was he!!  he arranged with his teacher to ask me if he could leave school when i go lol!!  Other siblings are allowed to go home when other years have sports day and Ryan knew I was going to leave him and Conor there (meanie mummy lol) so yes I saw the little loving face and caved lol!!  I went and arranged with Conors teacher for him to go too!  Cara was delighted seeing her brothers and sister arrive home nice and early.  

once home I decided to arrange haircuts for kiddies and hairdresser had a free appointment for one of the girls so I took Katie as I can take Cara during the day when Katie is at school.  Katie had about 5 inches chopped off as she is fed up with it being long.  I must get a photo of her.

Saturday Laura and Johnny took the 3 boys to the barbers.  It was either they took the boys or I did so we decided since Johnny's car was last up the drive way it should be first out haha .... oh shouldn't laugh I got left with the housework lol 

I must get some photos as the kiddies look brilliant with their new hairstyles!!  They went to a different barbers as their usual one was closed and they really wanted their hair cut as they were roasting hot and wanted the rugs on their heads chopped off lol!!

Well I'm off to finish my Father's day card order off on then I'm off to bed!!  

Will post photos of the kiddies and stitching asap.

Oh yes .... shhhh... I got the Dictionary of Technology for James and will stitch it when he is away in Spain with mum and dad in July :-)  

Bye for now.  Take care in that hot sun!!

Love me

Friday, 7 June 2013

Birthday Treats and a night out

Good very early hours of Friday Morning lol

Yes its bedtime for me in a moment but i probably wont have a chance to update my blog for a day or so.  I might as well do it now whilst i have the laptop on my knee lol

Tonight I had a lovely night out with friends to a place called Pizzarama ... yes ... they serve pizza haha!!  It was my friend Karen's Birthday so we had an kiddie free evening and stuffed our faces and we all had a brilliant time.

I stitched a lovely Lizzie*Kate design for Karen and whip stitched it in to a hanging ornament.  We all love coffee and have many weekly coffee sessions in my house ... oooo bliss!!

For my lovely friend Karen

and I wrapped it up to look exciting lol

All wrapped up

Tomorrow is Katie and Marks's sports day at school and I can't wait.  Just hope it is not as hot as today because it was roasting!!  I have also volunteered to serve refreshments for the Nursery children's parents after the children have had their sports day.  A busy day for me at school tomorrow and I'm not even a pupil lol!!

Bye for now

Love and hugs me

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Summer Fairy and Kiddie update

Good afternoon bloggers

I hope you are all enjoying the lovely sunny weather.  Its lovely here in Northern Ireland.

This morning Laura, Cara and myself have been out to look at furniture for inside and for the garden.  I hope to get a bit of decorating done in the house over the summer and get a few room brightened up.

Over the weekend I got a bit done on Cara's Summer Fairy.  I think the fabric could do with an iron lol

Summer Fairy as at 2 June 2013

Yesterday Laura and James with the help of Cara put up the big swing for the kiddies

A small swing!!

The swing lifter Laura and the leg putter on-er James haha

Are they all in tight Laura? lol

Cara the Tester

Happy Kiddies

Katie, James and Ryan planting

Katie and Ryan planting some more
The children will want to play outside today after doing homework so I think I will take the dinning table outside and we can have our tea outside :-)   We saw some lovely new patio sets today so I think I will treat us to one.

No other news from here!  Too busy playing out in the garden to get much else done :-)

Have a lovely day all

Love and hugs me

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Last few days ...

Hi there!

The last few days we have seen some nice weather pass through our little part of the world so it was 'all hands on deck' to get the garden cleaned and tided up!!  I think we all did a great job :-)

Airplane Cara

Katie having lots of fun on her trike

Ryan, Cara and Conor

Cara Exploring

Katie on the stepping stones

Cara and Katie up to mischief

James trying to get away from the camera

James throwing the ball from the bottom
of the garden to the top for Laura to catch.
Mark is holding a hula hoop up for James to throw the ball through

Laura throwing the ball back

Over the weekend I got a bit done on Cara's Summer Fairy and a birthday card for a friend stitched and even posted :-)

I will post photos of my stitching as I forgot to take some before ... doh!!