Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Good News and a general up-date :-)

Hello there all!

Wow my posts are few and far between this month ... (Blame the kids lol)

With the holidays computer use is limited and stitching is in fits and starts depending on the weather!!  I have done a few more of James' Dictionary of Stitches but the kids have been using my camera and I cant find the memory card I had the photo on!  I think it is in Ryan's room so I will get it in the morning and post a photo plus a photo of the Michael Powell stitch I did weeks ago!  Oh I'm slow this month haha!!

All in all great summer holidays so far well until the rain came that was!

The children are off to their father's for a whole 9 days on Saturday ... I shall have to plan myself some mischief I think lol :-)

Anyway, my good news ....

Katie had a Hospital appointment last week, which included a scan of her heart and the hole has very nearly closed :-)  The scan actually showed the part of the heart that has healed!!  It is so small now that the murmur cannot be heard but the scan showed that it is still there.  She has to go back in 2 years and with luck it will defiantly be gone :-)


I passed my Psychology Open University Course yay!!!  

I am delighted with myself!  Just a few more courses and I will have a University qualification :-)  Im delighted with myself!!

I have no other news.  Jut thought Id better say 'Hello' in case you all thought I had run off somewhere!!

Bye for now y lovely friends in my lappy!!!

Love me

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Busy bees here!

Hello to you all!!

Wow it has been a while since I was last here!  I have missed you all :-)

I have not got much stitching done the last few week but I really don't mind at all because the kiddies and I have been having lots of fun in the lovely weather :-)  I will admit I have been mean and not let them out in the peak of the day but we have played out until way past bedtime lol.  So much cooler and then they don't get all moody in the heat!!  I must go through my memory card on my camera and post some photos!  Ryan took some really good photos today!  He is really getting into the photography so maybe a camera is required for Birthday or Christmas!!  He has been asking for one for a while and asked again today as he was charging around with mine lol  

James went over to my mum and dads in England on 30th June for 2 weeks with a week long holiday included to Spain with them and my sister and her 16 year old twins.  well after they all got back from Spain James spent a few days texting me trying to decide if he should stay there for a while lol!!  I knew he would want to stay once he got there!!  I thought it was us girlies that changed our minds!!  So James is staying there until the 20th August .... which means I have to go and collect his A-Level results in a few weeks time  .... hahaha James!!  Just shows how much he trusts me lol!!

Anyway, whilst he has been away I have been stitching (in between playing) this for James as he is really 'up' on his computer stuff and has taken a real liking to technology!  I know he will be amused at this kit lol ... 

Dictionary Of Technologhy
by Bothy Threads

I am about a 1/3rd of he way through the kit now!  I hope to have a good stitching session on it this weekend as the children are with their father.  I have until the 20th August to get as much done as I can but a few weeks after James is home the schools will be back anyway so I have plenty of time :-)  relax and enjoy the holidays and stitch when I can ... bliss!!

I received a beautiful had crocheted book cover with a notebook already snuggled up inside it from a wonderful and close friend of mine ... she knows me well ... its yellow lol!!  I love yellow!!

Crocheted book cover gift
for me :-) 

I have stitched a chart from the mini Michael Powell chart book I received from Jan for my birthday but I forgot to take a photo of it so I will do that tomorrow and post a photo!!

I suppose I have better get to bed!!  With the children going to bed later we are getting up later and our sleep pattern is out of sync ... but hey its the holidays lol!!

Keep safe in this sunshine!!

Enjoy :-)

Love me

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Birthday Gifts

Hello all!!

I thought I would show off my beautiful birthday gifts :-)

Today I was 42 oooo scary!  I think from next year I will start going backwards haha!!

CD's from the Kids
Fabric was a little present from me to me lol

From My Fab friend Jan

From My lovely friend and SAL partner in crime Steph

From My Good friend Karen

Flowers, from kids and my cards

Today I have been totally spoiled to bits :-)  I have a wonderful big daughter whom organised my birthday surprises from herself and little ones.  She done a great job too!  The little ones father never organised anything from the little children so its just as well Laura knew him so well and did it herself!!  Think I'll stop organising stuff for the little kids father as he never organise things for them!!  Alls fair in that I think!!!

Laura is my rock and also pinching my lovely car now she has passed her driving 

Anyway, back to the nice stuff ... I got fantastic cards and gifts from wonderful friends.

My lovely friend Jan, my bessie, sent me a Michael Powell cross stitch chart book and I have a chart lined up to do after my blogging.  I have known Jan since 2007 and she is a fantastic friend to myself and children.  Although we have never met I feel like I have known her all my life :-)  My children have taken to her very much and infact Cara's middle name after Jan.  Oh Jan, we think the world of you xxx .... Oh Jan a Michael Powell mini RR lol 

Now then Steph of stephies stitching is my wonderful stitching friend, again whom I've never met, but we get on like a house on fire.  It was Steph that got me hooked on Joan Elliott. She is a naughty girl for doing that lol!!  thank you Steph for my wonderful parcel :-) xxx

Karen sent me a big tin of coffee and a mug :-)  Now then the tin of coffee is because she is always in our house.  One afternoon Karen phoned to say she was on her way for coffee and Katie said "Does Karen not have coffee in her house?"  Ha ha Katie good one!!  So it is now a standing joke that Karen has no coffee!!!    Thank you Karen for 'our' coffee and mug xxx

On a sadder note, this day 11 years ago my Grandma (mums mum) passed away.  I have lit a candle for her every year since.

I think next year I will need a new candle lol!!

Grandad and Grandma
In Loving Memory for my Grandma

Today was a brilliant day, lots of lovely presents and parcels xxx
I could not have asked for more or better!!

Well I'm off to stitch a Michael Powell design :-)

Love to all

Have a look at ....

Ryans Arty Blog 

Ryan is my 9 year old son and he wanted me to look at his blog before he went to bed lol :-)

Give Ryan a shout "Hello" and tell him to get making and crafting because he is totally brilliant at it!

I must get him to post some of the pictures he has done as they are a good for his age!!


Monday, 8 July 2013

What a weekend!! and TUSAL

Hi all!!

Oh yeah ... the man did it!!!  Totally delighted and the cheers went u in my house!

Conor seems to have taken a great interest in Tennis over the last two weeks ... Great stuff Conor!!

Congratulations to Andy 

Needless to say that my stitching has taken a back seat the last two weeks but over the last week I have got a little done on the surprise for James

As 7th July

Here is my TUSAL ...

As 8th July
Ryan is waiting for the computer so I5 will leave it here for now and get some stitching done whilst its calm and quiet here!!

Have a great day all


Saturday, 6 July 2013

Update .... and Andy!!

Hello there bloggers!!

Well what a first week off school and wow did it so fast!  We have been busy bees around and about the house with a few visitors too :-)  Brilliant!

I finished my exchange gift for Margaret Sherry Lovers blog but I cannot show you a photo until the person received my parcel.

I also started this (Dictionary of Technology) for my son James, who is in Spain at the moment with my mum and dad and also my sister Helen and her 16 years old twins.  By the sound of his BBM's (Blackberry Messages ... like text messages) he is having a load of fun!!  This is his reward for completing his 1st year of A-Levels and the twins finishing high school!!  Wow time certainly is flying these days!!

I will post a photo of my progress so far when I have better light to take the photo as my camera does not like lamp light .... fussy thing lol!!

Has anyone been watching the Tennis?  Well that has really slowed my stitching down because of the exciting matches :-)  Two great games yesterday I must say!  So no stitching was done today plus kiddies had me all over the place haha!  There was no point even trying to get my stash out!!

Have a great crafting time

Bye for now

Love me


Andy Murray through to Wimbledon final after beating Jerzhy Janowicz
Come on Andy!!!!

 Photograph: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images