Saturday, 26 October 2013

Dictionary Of Technology .... FINISHED!!! Plus Blogoversary :)

Hello all!

First of all I would like to say Happy Blogoversary to my blog!!  I can't believe another year has gone by!!! Time passes so fast these days!!  I had meant to do a give away but just never got around to it so I will do so asap!!  I can't let the event go around with out giving presents :)

Today I finished James' Dictionary of Technology and I am delighted!!  I will take it to the framers on Monday!!  What a wonderful day to have a finish to show off on my blog to celebrate my blogoversary lol

Finished 26 October 2013
Now it is Charlie Bear time.  I was going to start something else but I have an Open University assignment to put in soon so I will concentrate on that before a new start plus I got bad news the other day and we have to move!

I rent the house I'm in and the house has to be sold so we have to move :(  but there is nothing I can do to stop the house being sold so there is no point having a strop on with the people concerned... just have to get on with it!!  So there is a lot of clearing out to do and a new home to find that is close to schools which is the main priority in all of this!! I do hope to cling onto staying here for Christmas.  I suppose it all depends on when an offer is made.  Once that's done I will have 4 weeks to move.  The for sale sign goes up sometime next week, well so I am told lol ... who knows what will happen but I have to be prepared!  I just hope I don't get messed about by other people involved!!! 

Well I am off to have a coffee, raid the cupboards and then stitch the evening away!!

Have a great evening

Love me

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Cara the Witch


Just thought I would share this photo with you all as Cara looks adorable :) The Pre-School had a Halloween party for the little ones today and they were allowed to go all dressed up!!  Cara loved it :)

She has spent the afternoon turning me into frogs, cats, dogs and a duck lol

Witchy Cara
Well back to the stitching as Dictionary of Technology is nearly finished!!  I aim to get it to the framers tomorrow so fingers crossed!!

Happy Crafting all

Love me xxxx

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Halloween Exchange and Technology .... update

Hello all!

Wow its been a while since I was here .... busy busy busy bee lol

I have finished another Round Robin - A Ghost in fancy dress lol

Isn't he scary!!  
I have received a fab parcel from the Halloween exchange over on the Margaret Sherry Lovers blog.  My exchange is from Rita :)

All goodies from Rita

A lovely notebook

I plan to use this note book fro my stitching Diary next year :)

This is the package I sent to my partner Valerie and she loves her goodies!!!

All the goodies I sent

I have also spent some time stitching on James' Dictionary of Technology and I have one more square left to do ...

For James
I cant wait to get this one finished and off to the framers :-)

Have a fun Sunday evening!

Love me

Sunday, 6 October 2013

October TUSAL

A day late ooops sorry lol ....

5th October

In the back ground there is a Tourists souvenir of the Eiffel Tower that James bought me many years ago :) I just love it!!

Have a wonderful crafting day!!

Love me

Thursday, 3 October 2013

A Finish or two and a birthday girl

Hello all

Well over the last week or so I have been busy fighting off a cold and it is starting to go around a few of us now!!  Today Conor was off school today as he isn't too well.  He has had a high temp again today so he will be off school tomorrow too :(

Katie had her 6th Birthday last week and she had  blast!!  She loved all her presents and cards off her lovely family and friends :-)  What a great day she had!!

The grand old age of 6 years old

A few days ago Cara had to take an object into Pre-School for the colour table and this month the colour is Red.  So I gave Cara something red to take in and her Pre-School Teacher seemed quite disappointed that I hadn't stitched the word red in red thread like I did for a few other colours when Katie was there 2 years ago!  I was amazed she had remembered so that night I stitched for a very long time ... well an hour lol ... and produced 

Red for the Colour Table

I have finished my stitch on Jan's Round Robin 

Jan's RR

I am in the process of another RR which has a Halloween theme and I hope to have that finished by the weekend.

I have also complete and posted off my Halloween Exchange but I cannot show a photo just yet!!

The children are away at the weekend so I am getting my HAED out and stitching on that.  I started Fireside Fairy Tales many many years ago and the fabric is quite grubby now and some of the stitching is all lumpy bumpy so I am starting again but I am doing the mini version of the chart.  This way I might actually get somewhere with it lol :)

Tomorrow is Parent-Teacher meeting for Katie.  I know all will be well as Katie is getting on really well in year 2.

I hope to have another finish to show you by Friday and then HAED all weekend long :-)  I cannot wait!!!

Have a fun time

Love me