Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Winner Is ......

Sorry it has taken me a few days longer to get the winner picked .... Things have been cray busy here!!

Anyway Congratulations to .....



Well done!!  Please e-mail me your address and I'll post your prize to you


Friday, 15 November 2013

New Stash and Giveaway

Hello all

The giveaway winner will be drawn over the weekend ....  Good Luck all

I got a lovely surprise in the post the other day.  I received Ladybird Fairy chart and fabric from Steph

Ladybird Fairy by Joan Elliott
Fireworks Fabric by Polstitchers
Thread and beads

I bought the threads myself so I could make a start on the Fairy this weekend whilst the kiddies are away :)
I hope I can get lots done!!

No other news from my part of the world.
The usual 'Home-life' stuff!!  Nothing exciting lol

Lots of stitching love

Thursday, 7 November 2013

GIVEAWAY (at last!!)


Here is my giveaway that I have promised for a while!!!

Giveaway :)


1)  To be a follower .... new follower or already following :)
2) Post a link to my giveaway on your blog

That's it ....

Good luck


Sunday, 3 November 2013

Another letter done plus a few e-mails!! And Tusal

Hello there,

First of all I have finished the letter H on my Charlie bear sampler oooo yay!!  He is a little cutie :)

Charlie H

The kids have been away this weekend so I have stitched on Summer Fairy.  I am concentrating on the wings then get the ribbons completed.  After that I think I might start on some of the backstitch before doing the bottom half!!  

My TUSAL for November ...  


The e-mails ... well they were about the house!  I looked into the company that have taken over the house to see on behalf of the bank that repossessed from the landlord and the company is a massive international corporation.  I spent a while going through their website and reading up what they exactly do and part of their organisation helps re-home tenants!!!  

Well this hit a nerve with me because I was having problems finding another house big enough within the area we as a family need for schools.  The only places I could get that would take 5 young children (they didn't count in Laura or James because they are classed as adults) where too far away, with no bus to their schools so it would be a case of 40 minute drive each way for all but Cara as she isn't allowed on the bus with being a Nursery child or change their schools!!!  So with Cara I would have to go back to collect her at 12.15 when Nursery ends ... I would spend the week driving lol

Change of schools is not an option because the landlord not paying his bills is not a life changing situation for us .... way should it be .... so I e-mailed the company and explained the situation plus quoted parts of their website about how they help the tenants and asked why was I not offered this help!!

Hey presto ... they have put off having us move before Christmas as I could only afford the move or Christmas.  Why should the kids suffer????  They will help re-locate us and it will be done in my time so we do not end up somewhere silly and out of the school bus route!  So its all happy happy happy here :-) Christmas is back on!!!

It has been a hell of a week, plus the kids have been off for Half Term so not much else done!!!  

Well its is off to get a memo done for school as I am running a Coffee Morning in the school on Thursday ... a coffee morning organised by parents for parents ....  That's a first :)  Looking forward to it!

Have a great Sunday
See you all soon

Love me

P.S I have not forgotten about the give away .... with everything else I have been run off my feet!!  In fact I will set that up once I have this memo done :)  Watch this space!!!