Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Oh my oh my oh my ...

Hello all,

Well this will be my last post for a few days or so as my internet will be going off from tomorrow until sometime around the 3rd Feb at the latest.  Then I will be up and running in the new house :)

I cannot wait because it will be a lovely fresh start in a lovely home with just myself and the kiddies ... nice new memories for us all!!

Anyway, as I was cleaning out my bedroom and packing way my stuff and by the time I had finished I had a box full of kits!!  There is no way I can now say I've nothing to stitch lol

Box of kits

I cannot wait to get my bedroom/stitching haven sorted and arranged in the new house!!  Its going to be brilliant :)

Well have fun and keep out of mischief until I come back because I want to join in the fun lol

Love me

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Not a stitch ....

Hello there!

Well the last week or so I have not got a stitch done ... at all!! But I have the keys for my new home and have started shifting our belongings there :)

The kiddies have now seen inside the house and they cannot wait to move!!

We are aiming to move in by the 30th January so we can start a new month in a new house .... so exciting :)

I am having a couple of the rooms decorated tomorrow so when the paint has dried we can move stuff there in the cars over the weekend.  The more we can shift the less the removal men will have to take!  Therefore less of a removals bill lol!!

Well, I have a Uni essay to finish off before the weekend .... busy busy busy!!

Bye for now and keep safe

Love me

Friday, 17 January 2014



I am sure some of you remember me posting about the house I rent being repossessed because the landlord did not pay the mortgage on the property .... well I received some great news ... a house I applied for a few miles down the road (8 minute drive!!) from where we are now and YES we actually got accepted as the new tenants!!!

Since I found out last October/November that we had to move from here, I managed to get an 8 week guarantee, particularly over the Christmas Period, that we would not be 'bothered' by the bank who have taken over the property and they would be out early January to measure/market/put up the For Sale sign.  In the mean time I have been looking  for properties but all the houses that were big enough for us to move into in the area I was told 'NO!' by the owners of the property because 'we would wreck the house' ... In other words because I have 7 children they thought we would destroy the house therefore they refused to let us look around!!

Then I was shown this property by a friend .... 

We are totally delighted!!!  

This is the back of the house

Front door and side view of the house
Gates to keep the children in the garden and away from the road

 The new house is a little distance into the Countryside BUT:-

  • It is big enough for us all
  • The children can still use the same school bus that they do now
  • Has lovely gardens 
  • No busy road at the back, front or side of us like we do now
  • The children cannot get near a busy road like they can now when playing out
There is so much room within the house as it has been built to be very spacious and each of the rooms are 'away' from each other .... in other words we will not be on top of each other!!  Space, space, space!!

The kitchen is enormous ....

The part of the kitchen

The only disadvantage is that their father cannot walk to our home once every 2 weeks to collect the children!!  I have hunted down every property that would accommodate the size of the family and but the owner of this property has said 'NO' ... Nothing much I can do about it.  I was given 1 sort of yes by a letting agency for a house an hours drive away but that would have been a change of schools for the children and that's no good at all so i decided to hang on as much as I could .... so glad I did now!!

So its an 8 minute drive or an hour drive with a total change of schools etc.  I think the 8 minute drive cannot and should not be complained about lol!!  The children just love the look of this house!!  Just as well since the contracts are sorted and verbal 'yeses' have been said!!!  I will take then down either tomorrow or Saturday for a look around :)

We cannot wait ... a lovely fresh start to 2014.  Nothing could be better!!  Just look at this view, there is no better place than the countryside :)  Fantastic place for my kiddies!!  

The view from our back door
Part of our garden
Well its the early hours of the morning and I must get to bed!!

Bye for now
Love me

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Easter Egg-Change


I have joined the Easter Egg-Change over on Mii Stitch blog .... fancy joining the fun?
Click on the link and go have a look!!  :)

Have a wonderful day

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Baby Sampler

Hello and good afternoon all!!

Just a quick up date :)  I have spent a day or so stitching the baby sampler Laura picked out!!

Well guess who wants one stitched for her too?  Yes Cara lol!!  She loves the teddy bear!!

I am getting some studying done later on!

Have a wonderful day

Love me

Friday, 10 January 2014

Turtle Trot January 2014

Hello all,

Here are the pics of my WIP's that I'm going to work through this year and with some luck get most, if not all, of them finished!!

First of all I am working, and will work all weekend, on Baby Sampler for my Grandbaby :)

Its not much but its a start
My other WIP's are:-

Air Goddess by Joan Elliott

Ladybird Fairy by Joan Elliott

Summer Fairy by Joan Elliott

Charlie Bear Alphabet by Margaret Sherry

Fairy Grandmother by Lavender and Lace

A Stitchers Sampler

Puppeteer by AOY

I still have another 2 photos to put up as I forgot to take them lol

I wonder how many I will get completed this year?

Have a look at the other Turtle trotters blogs

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful weekend :)

Love me

Thursday, 9 January 2014

New Goodies

Hello and how are you today?

It was a very cold frosty morning here.  A thick fog seemed to have rolled in last night and the temperature dropped very low brrrrrr ... where are my thermal vest and knickers lol

This morning brought me lovely post :)

I got 4 new Polstitches Fabric which was my treat to myself after Christmas

I got Mellow Moments (yellow)
Addiction (Greeny blue)
Sniff and Sneeze (Pinky shades)
Icy Waters (Blue/white)
The Mellow Moments is all for ME!!  I just love yellow .... I should have been a banana haha
The Icy Waters fabric is to do Conor a massive Penguin scene with lots of penguin charts all stitched on the same fabric ... now all I have to do is hunt down some charts lol

The other two pieces I'm not sure on.  Stash them away and see what other lovely things i can find to stitch.  i might see what the Addiction fabric is like once unfolded and maybe, just maybe use for Laura's Baby Sampler.  But there might be too much blue on the fabric for this and she then have a girl hahaha!!  I'm not re-stitching it!!  Maybe just best to stick to white fabric the kit came with!!

This is the sampler that Laura chose:-

Baby Sampler to be stitched up
I will be making a start on this afternoon :)

Now off to collect Cara!  Have a great day all!!

Love me

Saturday, 4 January 2014

TUSAL ... slightly late and Summer Fairy update

Hello and happy Saturday to you all!

My family are on their way back home as I type :(

This is a lovely photo of most all but one of the Grandchildren with my mum and dad.  My eldest niece could not make it over

Mum and Dad with the Grandchildren

Here is a photo of my TUSAL and my father when he was just a boy!  I love this canvas print my mum had printed to celebrate dad's birthday!

Dad as a young boy
showing off my TUSAL 

Finally here is Cara's Summer Fairy :)  I have managed to work on her over the holidays and I am pleased with the progress!

Summer Fairy
as 4th January 2014

I am really delighted with her and so is Cara who keeps telling me to hurry up lol  Cheeky monkey

Have a wonderful Saturday evening

Love me xxx

Friday, 3 January 2014

Welcome to 2014 :) .... NEWS NEWS NEWS!!

Hello to you all and Happy New Year :)

Christmas 2013
Dancing Cara

Posing Katie

We all had a good Christmas, 70th Birthday party for my dad, a good New Year Party and then we went into 2014 with big bang .... well should I say 'Bump' because my eldest, Laura is 16 weeks pregnant :) :) :)

I'm going to be a Grandma!!  lol that just sounds so funny hahahahahaha!!!

The kiddies are all made up that they will be Aunties and Uncles and I can say that James is totally delighted because he even went to the first scan yesterday!  He is going to be just as a fantastic Uncle as he is fantastic Son and Brother!!

James has also been offered four University places for different courses so he is pondering over them at the moment too.  I think he is even more delighted that he made the decision to take a year off school and go to University in 2015 .... he can be a full-time uncle for a year lol

Mum, dad, sister, niece and nephew were meant to be going home today but the ferry has been cancelled due to bad weather so we get one more day with them :)

'Our Grandad' say Katie and Cara
The Birthday Boy
He put his new top on and left the label
hanging from the button lol

James even played pass the parcel with them lol!!  Its been a long time since he played that!!

James, Katie and Dad coming home
after walking to the shop

Time has flown over an I keep forgetting to take a photo of my TUSAL for this year lol

Well I had better get some sleep!

Here's to a wonderful stitching and crafting year